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    Need some ladies.. difficult child is currently on vyvanse. Thanks to DHs insurance, it costs 160 bucks per month. We just can't afford it. BM refuses to help, despite their court order. Doctor is trying to get Adderral approved, but that's the same price. Pharmacist said we might want to give ritalin a try, because its much cheaper. difficult child has been on concerta, which made her incredibly violent, daytrana which was just a pain & didn't seem to make a difference. I've read that Ritalin & concerta are verh similar, so we wanted to avoid that.

    We are applying for financial assistance thru vyvanses manufacturer. Hoping that comes thru soon. Any advice as to what else is out there?

    difficult child may also be depressed, but that's my opinion only, no one wants to see ig, but she's exactly like husband before he started on zoloft. Doctor did say last time if she can't control her moods, we may add an anti depresseant. Next appointment is March 1.

    Any advice?

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    Sorry...wish I had some answers for you...

    Usually docs try to work with your insurance. Are there any medications in the same category that the insurance would approve?
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    Concerta and ritalin are the same basic medicine, so if concerta is a problem ritalin is likely to be one also.

    Go online to your state's Dept of Human Services or social services website - you can find it on the state gov website or by googling the state and dept of human services or whatever your state calls it. Many states now have programs to help those who cannot afford their medications and usually they are run through DHS. You may have to do some digging through all of the listed programs. here we have Rx for Oklahoma which helps those with no insurance or those who are underinsured with the cost of their medications.

    The manufacturers are also often very helpful. I hope you can get this figured out.
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    Also check out the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. They have info on the various programs the drug co's operate and will help you through the application process. is the website. They can even help you find free/low cost clinics. I hope this helps. You also might consider trialing strattera. I am astonished at how well it has worked for Wiz.

    It also will work as an antidepressant as that is what it was developed for. It may not be all the help he needs for his depression, but it can help.
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    Thanks for the tips!!!

    Susie, I will look into the strattera.

    Our insurance has a 2000 deductible per person before anything is paid, ehich is ehy we're having this problem.
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    Thanks for the tips!!!

    Susie, I will look into the strattera.

    Our insurance has a 2000 deductible per person before anything is paid, ehich is ehy we're having this problem.
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    You say you are waiting for the manufacturers program. Do call them directly. I was amazed to learn after talking to one of their reps while we were both waiting in a docs waiting room how many programs they have for just about everything. Also ask your doctor for as many samples as he can get for you. They normally get a ton.
  8. mavh2005,

    I understand where you are coming from, we have a high deductible policy as well - although husband has somehow already managed to meet his for the year...

    I was amazed at the costs of difficult child's medications, and since we were paying the entire cost, I spent a couple of days checking store web sites for drug prices, and calling the stores who don't list their prices. Believe me, they do not like to disclose this information over the phone, but they will if you press. There is an incredible range of prices out there. It is simply unbelievable.

    It turns out that KMart is very competitive with their prices. They have low prices on many medications that other stores do not. We don't live near a KMart, and I have to travel quite a ways to get there - but it is worth it to go there four times a year. No joke, I am saving hundreds of dollars a year, and I am paying less than I used to pay in co-pays. It's funny, back when I just had to pay a co-pay, I never even knew about the incredibly wide range of prices out there - and it appears that most retailers don't want you to know! There really may be something about the idea of individuals taking control of their own health care costs eventually bringing prices down.

    Interestingly, difficult child's doctor asked me where we purchased his medications. I told him about the research I did, and how, oddly enough, KMart had the lowest prices by far. He got really excited, and said -"I'm going to go call them right now, because I'm paying way to much for my own medications"!