cheapest phone service, anyone?

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    Hi, I know this subject has been discussed in the past, but I would love some input. My phone contract with Verizon is about to expire. I only use 1/10th of my minutes-about 100 all month. I don't use any of the add-on things, I don't even use my voice mail ( I never set it up, can't do it) . But easy child is on my plan- he needs his texting, and same phone number, any ideas? I'm all about cheap. Thanks, Alyssa
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    I've been with Cingular/AT&T for years and had excellent service. I have 5 phones (yes...5) on my plan, most of which have all the data packages. I pay just over $100/month, which I think it very reasonable.

    I would suggest going into the store and talking to an actual person. There are SOO many plans out there. They can custom make one for you.

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    Freaky - I was just getting ready to post this -

    I too need a plan -

    I need three phones
    Unlimited calling daily with longdistance & no roamin
    Unlimited texting (I'll have to try this never done it) Dude needs it, DF may never use it -

    I guess it's a family plan? I call home, my mom, his mom, dude and that's about it.

    I have ATT - and they are fairly good - but I need a site that allows me to plug in what I need - for one price - and how Abbs every gets 5 phones etc......under 1oo is a miracle.

    The best plan I found to suit my needs is Altel - Family plan

    Anyone ?
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    While Altel might be cheapest, they have teh WORST service we have ever had. They came into our area a while back and took over some other company. Within 4 months they were GONE because the charges they started you with went up suddenly with no warning (it was in the contract but was NEVER told to ANYONE I know), they dropped at least every other call, and if you tried to call back you got an "out of service" message, most calls were VERY fuzzy, even on phones located IN the Altel store.

    Overall, while price was good, service made it so that it was NO bargain.

    We get a business rate from AT&T and pay what Abbey pays for 3 lines with NO data services at all. They sold us blackberries for almost nothing but then tried to sell us data plans for $20 per phone and were SHOCKED when we said no. The salesdude that called us (and he clearly was a "dude" cause that was one of every 5 words he said, LOL) was about as shocked as if we had walked into a store nekkid! It was funny from my end. He even asked why we had blackberries if we didn't want data services? I said because they were cheap.

    Anyway, you may have good luck going to the various websites and plugging in hwat you need.
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    I think part of the great rate is that I had been with Cingular for so long. When I went in to upgrade my phone, the guy totally hooked me up with a great plan. Three of the phones don't need data packages, but we all text. (You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.) Two phones have a HUGE amount of minutes, the other 3 very minimal. All have free long distance.

    H, myself, MIL2 and 2 of our managers have one and we monitor their usage quite closely. Unfortunately, easy child got his taken away last year for 'abuse.' He's on his own now.

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    Our family has Sprint. We've been with them for a number of years now and couldn't get a better deal if we went elsewhere. I think the key in getting good rates is staying with a company for........... ever. We have four phones, share about 1,000 min. daytime, unlimited calls after 7pm, free sprint to sprint calls, free roaming, unlimited texting and internet, picture mail for all phones. Every two years they offer us $$$ towards a new phone. We pay $89 a month.

    Try calling Sprint, tell them what services you want and what you want to pay, they may "work" with you.
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    I have had Alltel for four years and have been very happy with them. They offer the best coverage for N Central WI where I reside.

    The only problem I currently have is that Verizon is buying them out, and is only guaranteeing plan continuance to those currently on contract.

    I am not under any sort of contract and it is likely that Verizon will not continue my current Alltel (29.99) plan after the buyout.

    Plus, I may have to sign up for another two year contract with Verizon to get any type of plan.

    Despite having a good credit rating and having paid off my initial contract; I really have no protection once Verizon comes to town.

    I was talking to a couple of employees from the local storefront office and THEY have no idea what Verizon plans, either.
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    I have a local provider that works on the T-Mobile network. I like them a lot. I do think I will upgrade to a different plan when my contract ends in June. I have some things I want to be able to do and can not currently do it. Since I have been on it I have had few problems. Even when I went out of state with RC.

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    I think Altel may be better in areas they are more established? Tehy took over a very well established network, but didn't contract with all the other companies, from what I remember. So if you drove into an area where tehre wasn't an Altel owned tower, well, you didn't have coverage at all. No roaming (one big advertised feature was no roaming fees ever) but no calls either. Anyway, they don't even have offices in our town anymore. There is a really cranky sports medicine doctor in there now, LOL!