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  1. DammitJanet

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    I know Im cheating and its probably not a very nice thing to do but I have figured out something. I belong to that Kmart/Sears reward program and a couple of months ago I was buying some things and got a gas coupon to be used at BiPolar (BP) stations. It is worth .30 off 20 gallons of gas. Now that gas is so expensive I think that is a great coupon.

    I noticed when I got other things at Kmart I got another coupon! This one really came in handy because I used it to fill up my new car which has a 20 gallon tank. I can never actually use the entire 20 gallons because Im not going to the gas station on fumes but I can get close.

    Yesterday I went to Kmart and bought a bunch of things....some I will keep, most I will take back. I got the coupon. I immediately went and put the gas in my car because I was really on empty. I managed to get 18 gallons into my car. Tomorrow I plan to take back the things I dont want but felt I most likely needed to get to the money amount to get the coupon. I dont know what the amount is but I know I have always gotten one when I am over $150.

    Yes this is probably wrong and I will go to hell for it but my new car has a 20 gallon tank and it is a shock to my system! This coupon allows me to get gas for close to $3 a gallon. Yesterday was 3.05 considering rounding up from that 4.9. Thats cheaper than any other gas I can get. I would have to drive 17 miles south into SC to get cheaper gas.

    If anyone wants to try this then just sign up for the rewards card with Kmart and see if it works for you. Worse that can happen is it doesnt and you take everything you bought back!
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    For me, spending the extra $6 on gas is probably less than I would end up spending to get the coupon...

    Just sayin'
  3. DammitJanet

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    Well all the other times I have received the coupons I have been buying things I needed. Now yesterday when I did it I only wanted to actually keep a few things off of the reduced rack. I got a couple of pairs of shorts for Keyana for next summer and one pair of leggings for now so she can wear a shirt I bought at the beginning of the summer that she has yet to even wear. These leggings will make it possible for her to wear the shirt in the fall with a sweater.

    I also went through the reduced baby clothes and got some for the mouse. She actually doesnt have many clothes at my house and I needed some.
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    Are you sure they will let you return the sale items?
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    Yes, I have the receipt and they actually let Monkey's mom return some of the clothes I had bought her for school because they said they were too small for her.
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    I think it's wrong to buy things knowing you will return them. If you're in a store where they work on commission (probably not K-mart or Sears), they can take the money back from the salesperson if there's a return. If you buy something and it doesn't fit, that's different. I put $5 gas in my car at a time because I can't afford to fill it all at once and I drive a 1989 Toyota and that's my new car.
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    Well no one makes any commission and I wouldnt do it at one of those type stores. However Kmart makes a fortune on their products and if they are dumb enough to give out this coupons...which I assume come from the points I have wracked up buying things, well then Im playing it. My car...this new van...takes over 60 bucks to fill up. Heck I think it was 72 dollars last time. If I only put 5 bucks in it at a time I would be at the pump every day. The only reason its even worth it to me is that this tank is a 20 gallon tank.