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    At you local Walmarts. Jess and I have gone in the middle of the night just now and three days ago to do the clearance stuff. It seems like our 2 WMs are doing major clearance in almost EVERY dept.

    The first trip I got 2 angel throws, which are fluffy soft throws that you can wear like a shawl or use like a throw, and they were $5 each. We got 4 of the plush holiday throws for $2.43 each. thank you just got a new mattress for the top of his bunk bed/futon thing and I got sheets for just $6 for him. I got a ton of the Special K protein bars for a quarter each for husband and the kids. husband uses them for fast meals on days he goes to Tulsa to teach (3 a week this semester) and on days he works a lot of the games at the univ also.

    Earlier today husband and Jess went to pick up a few things and they got 9 mason jars with handles that say LOVE on the side for $1 each. husband got one for me for Vday for $10 on Saturday because he thought I would like it. They will be great for gifts during the year because Love is always in season, or so husband told me to justify buying 9 more. As if he had to justify that to me, lol!

    They saw bins full of jewelry findings and beads that were mostly marked 25 cents, though some did not have marks. husband got me some really beautiful beads, and told me about the bins. J and I went and cleared them out pretty much. We left some things, but most of what we left was ugly. I was thrilled to find it because J and I both made jewelry for gifts this year and pretty well cleaned out a lot of my stash. So a bunch of that is replenished at super cheap prices. I even got the silver plated findings like head pins and lobster claws for 25 each. Together J and I spent maybe $20 and got at least $200 worth of stuff if not more. They had a bunch of letter charms that all rang up at a quarter except the R, which was a dollar fifty. Not sure why, but got one because it is my mom's initial. As they were three originally, it was okay. Plus J paid for it, lol.

    Anyway, if you need baby stuff, like Duck Dynasty, need hand tools, or pretty much anything else, this is a time to check the clearance.
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    Walmart sales are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down. Hence the clearance.

    I check it when I'm in there, which is rarely these days. Ours mostly has their clearance items priced too high so it doesn't all. I'd rather go to kmart and check out their clearance which is much better priced, at least here anyway.
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    Have you checked more than one WM in your area? Each WM sets the clearance prices for their store, so prices of clearance stuff can vary widely from store to store. I found this out last year when our old WM had a bunch of fun office supply type stuff that I wanted for a teacher gift but they didn't have enough of the items. So I looked at our other WM and they were priced at a dollar each there. On clearance! (I would not pay a dollar for them ever!). I hunted down the store mgr and learned that each mgr sets the pricing for clearance at his store. I thought that was interesting because I would not have thought that.

    Our WMs can vary WIDELY on clearance items, but if you ask nicely, often they will let you have the item for the price at the other store. I would have to drive more than an hour to go to Kmart and I strongly dislike that store. Not all kmarts, one specific one. Though I find customer service at kmart to be astoundingly surly which annoys me to no end. But it is not worth the drive to go to kmart even if I liked them. Costs too much for the gas.

    I always hear great things about Target sales, but i rarely find anything I call a good deal. But I am probably pickier than most about these things, lol. Plus they are so awful here if you are disabled, and corporate is even MORE awful, so I don't waste the gas to go there either (again, over an hour's drive).
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    I can find clearance items on baby and toddler items but its much harder for Monkey's size. The little princess pajama dress I talked about on the other thread was marked down to 3 bucks but I couldnt find anything for Monkey under 12. I so wanted to get her a set of Hello Kitty. Oddly I did find her something when I was in line to check out. Someone had put back a pair of Hello Kitty jeggings that were marked 7 bucks. Just her size too. Now I need to find her a Hello Kitty

    Now once I get moved I am going to turn the extra bedroom into my craft room. I want to see if I can learn to sew plus I have found a couple of patterns to make dresses from tee shirts and crochet or tee shirts and tulle.