Check with Utility Companies

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    This is a reminder to check your utility companies' websites for various deals. Lisa's thread about the lights in her kitchen brought this to mind. We get our utilities from an electric coop and we get a lot of toher benefits from them.

    About 2 years ago they gave us a free compact flourescent bulb for every light fixture in our home - lamps, ceiling lights, everything but the refrigerator. They plan to do this about every 3-4 years. They also have a pharmacy discount plan that costs nothing but gets a discount off of cash prices. That one came about because they heard about the pharmacy scams out there - it saves over $100 off of the 2 medications I have to refill every month. It equals a fifty percent discount off of cash prices.

    They have a lot of other things. I have also learned our credit union is again selling discount movie passes, and has a discount program that is eligible all over town.

    So as we go into the spring, go online to each of your utility companies and even your bank to see if they have anything new.

    Don't forget to check your Dept of Human SErvices website - they have weatherproofing programs and many other that are very helpful.