checking in....I'm a GRAMMA!

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    Nevaeh Liselle was born 10-3-2010 7 lb 2 oz 20.5"

    Baby girl was born with an infection so she was in the nicu for a week (spinal tap #1), then she went home and scared the hell out of her 19 y/o Mommy by have a seizure.

    So another almost 10 days in the PICU (spinal tap #2) and no def diagnosis other than excited frontal lobal activity. She is on phenobarbital for now. Her mom is adopted and they do not know much about the birth father so it could be heredity or it could be all the drug use baby girls parents were doing before her conception.

    She is doing much better now although difficult child I has never seen her and denies she is his daughter...sigh....

    A baby changes everything....
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    Congrats Gramma!
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    baby always changes everything. congratulations!! babies are an amazing thing. so now what happens is she still in hospital or shes back home?? i'm so sorry that is so scarey for a newborn to go through.

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    Congrats Gramma!!!

    And yeah it does change everything............... most certainly.

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    Thankfully baby girl is home and actually had her 1st day @ daycare today as her mom returned to school.
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    Congratulations! I'm so glad she is doing better now.
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    Congratulations! :)
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    Congratulations! :) I hope she's done with medical drama for a very long time and you get to enjoy and spoil her!
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    Congratulations Gramma!!!
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    Congratulations! Babies are a beautiful thing :) Hoping your new grand-bundle has great health from here on out!
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    How wonderful and exciting. I'd say that baby is mighty lucky to have such a great Granna! DDD
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    Congratulations! It's wonderful being a grandmother, I hope you enjoy it tremendously. Hope the baby stays healthy now.

    Love, Esther
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    My sister and I both had infantile seizures. We were on phenobarbital for a couple of years after birth and my sister had to take it for a while after that if she ran a fever.

    Once we got older, we had no further seizures or similar problems. I had one grand mal seizure 5 years ago when i was in the hospital for emergency surgery and did get my depakote (for BiPolar (BP)) for four days because I couldn't talk to tell anyone what medications I was on. Once I got my depakote back I was and have been seizure free.

    It is quite common for infantile seizures to clear up as the infant grows older and the brain matures. We didn't have a lot of the diagnostics we have today, so I don't have much further info beyond reassuring you that I basically grew out of the seizures. Mood stabilizers like Depakote, Lamictal, etc. were originally used to treat seizure disorders and stopping them suddenly can cause seizures in people who do not have epilepsy, like in my case.
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    CONGRAMMALATIONS!:congratualtions:oh joy I'm a Great Auntie! again! :imok:
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! So sorry about the rocky start, but you can see that others here have been through it and came through with flying colors.