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    yup cheese doodles........are they healthy? ummm no their not :)

    do they taste good??? oh love them. not the crunchy kind the really big one's.

    this is what does it for me at times. my cheese doodles. a big bag me on my bed with the bag watching late night tv and cheese doodles.

    the kids come in the next morning or little difficult child during the middle of night most nights and she knows odds are mommy has her little bag of cheese doodles somewhere under her bed. ok i do put them in ziploc im not that

    seriously though all kidding aside how are we supposed to take care of us? go to doctor's yup i'm doing that. what else?? i like to read it's my escape takes me into different place i love it. anyone else have any good ideas that work for them?
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    Back when I was doing South Beath, I came upon a recipe for non-pastry cheese puffs. I will look for it and post it - they were very good and if you didn't overbake them they stayed softer. I know, I know, they are not the same, but still...if you need that cheesy fix for late night snacking, these are healthier.

    Other ideas...don't buy the junk. We've slowly been replacing the junky foods with healthy foods, even snacks. We've also been hitting the bigger health food stores, such as Whole Foods, where we find snacky things we never would know about and we've been trying them. My H has become a granola fiend. I have to be careful with granolas because if I eat too much of it, it's no longer a healthy snack.

    Bags of raw veggies are great for about a week, and then I want something different, salty, crunchy. So, you have to get creative. Buy an all natural, no sugar added peanut butter (or grind your own at the health food store) and spread 2TBS over a few pieces of celery. You get the salty, the crunch, the sweet and the healthier snack. We recently bought some fresh ground almond butter - it's naturally sweet and yummy.

    Also the Laughing Cow low fat wedges - YUM. you can spread those on Wasa crispbreads - they are made from whole grains and you can have 3 of them with one wedge of the LF Laughing cow cheese for a delicious snack.

    All that said, it is most advisable to NOT eat past 6-7PM, so the best thing you can do is fill you with healthy meals DURING THE DAY and have a lite supper, followed by an enjoyable (healthy) dessert. You're effectively tricking your brain into feeling indulged. Eating a large dinner often find people wanting a snack late night. If you know you're prone to late night snacking, go to be when you first start to feel a little hungry. It's best to go to sleep feeling less full and even a little hungry. Drink a large glass of water before each meal and throughout, follow it up with a nice cup of herbal decaf tea if you like that - another way to stave off late night hunger pangs.

    You have to get tricky. Good luck~