Chinet for Shrinky Dinks

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    I have always loved shrinky dinks and hated the prices. I finally figured out what to use to DIY them. Several blogs said that bakery containers were the right type of plastic. The ones at walmart are NOT. Walmart uses plastic with the recycle #1 and for shrinky dinks you need #6. #6 is polystyrene, which is used for cd containers, which seem rather thick, and plastic silverware. So I looked at the various plastic disposable plates. The plastic solo plates are #6 and so are the chinet clear plates. You have to be careful cutting the chinet, but they work. I haven't tried the solo ones yet. I paid $2.82 for 8 chinet plates that are 10" in diameter. Shrinky dink plastic was 2 sheets smaller than a piece of notebook paper for $5. I also got new sharpies (ALWAYS happy to have new sharpies, rather an obsession of mine, lol!) as mine have all run away with my children. It still was a better deal than buying shrinky dinks. I put them on a piece of foil on a cookie sheet in a 350-400 degree oven and watched them until they wrinkled up and then just as they were all straightened out I took them out.

    If you want an ornament or button, be sure to put a hole in them with hole punch before baking. If you forget, use a hot ice pick or nail and carefully smooth the edges with a hot nail or with an emery board.
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    Cool! They wrinkle and then straighten themselves out?
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    As they shrink they kind of wrinkle up, then they flatten out. I took mine out just as they flattened because I was afraid they would burn. It was just as much fun to watch as when I was little and when I did them with the kids when they were little.

    A kit with markers, patterns to trace, and some circles where you cut the rims off of the plates and the kids had the circles to make their designs would be a great DIY shrinky dink kit. If you got a coloring book with their favorite cartoon/video game character, they could do ANY character they wanted. For easiest use, tape the coloring sheet down and tape the plastic down over the picture so they don't move around. I usually stockpile the flannel backed vinyl tablecloths after they are on clearance and put these down to do this type of project on. I just tape the paper and then the plastic to the tablecloth. It keeps any mistakes with the permanent markers from damaging furniture.

    You do need permanent markers for this. Either sharpie, mark-it (Bic brand) or the elementz brand sold at Walmart. The elementz were cheaper and had some cool metallics that were interesting, but there was a set of 24 sharpies for $10 and I couldn't resist. I am a total office supply addict, lol.

    I have found that my kids have a LOT more fun and get more satisfaction from a homemade kit than from the various kits that are sold in stores, esp the ones for kids. The kits that I make last longer, usually have more and better stuff, and the cost is lower or at most the same as the kit but has more stuff in it. (Plus it is fun to make them, lol!)
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    I love shrinky dinks too! I get them for the kids almost every Christmas and I end up buying them for nieces and nephews. I'll have to try this out over winter break.
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    Thank you! I have been searching for #6 plastic containers and it never occurred to me to look to disposable plates. Woot! There will be a lot of shrinky dinks in our very near future.