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    thank you had a choir concert tonight. The uniforms just came in on Monday. The boys looked so spiffy in their dress pants, tuxedo shirts, vests and bow ties. It was neat to see them all dressed up.

    I was truly impressed. Partly with my son's ability to NEVER ONCE let it slip that he had a solo! They did a medley of Walt Disney songs and he had a short solo singing the part of Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast's Be Our Guest. He did an amazing job! He has a wonderful bass voice and we were so proud of him! I just cannot BELIEVE he didn't say a single word about it ahead of time!!!

    The choir is just the eighth and ninth grades and some of the kids truly are incredible singers. They learned a total of nine songs and only the Disney medley was in English. Seven songs were in other languages and one was not even a language! It was simulated words (not real ones from any language) that was designed to sound tribal. How you get forty or fifty kids to learn that many songs in that many languages in eight weeks, I have no idea. It was really impressive and fun to listen to.

    I am just amazed! thank you is lucky I was not angry with him because otherwise I would have yelled "Go TYLER" after his solo the way some other families did. I didn't and didn't let husband or J yell either because I knew it would embarrass him.

    After the concert I heard the grandfather who did most of the yelling tell his grandson that maybe now he would not embarrass his mom and grandma in public again. I had to work REALLY HARD not to laugh and give the grandpa a high five! Mostly my kids would not DARE to publicly embarrass me because they know I would do something to return the favor.
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    Good for thank you! I sing in a choir, too and October seems so early to have a performance, but I know that the schools practice more than once a week, so that helps a lot!

    But, me sing a choir solo? I don't think so!
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    Many of my best memories are of choral performances. I have a terrible voice and just LOVE that easy child#1 and GFGmom
    both have lovely voices. Your post took me back to those great Mom moments. Thanks. DDD
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    Awesome! I'm proud of him too - what a cool surprise!!!

    I love the grandfather, by the way. He's cool.

    I loved being in choir...
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    You could do it again. I do. I don't join church choirs because that is way too political and crazy. Community choirs - especially Women's Choirs - are a very nice way to get to know people. When you get in with mixed voices they usually rehearse the voices separately and then the performances are weird.

    Here's a link where you can look up choirs in your community. It's too late for Christmas, but you could get in for the Spring.