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    The court has ordered for my son who is 13 to have a full psychological and pyschiatric evaluation. The court will do the psychological, I need to have to find a psychiatrist. What is the best way to find one to fit our needs?
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    I would go to yhe NAMI site and look at your choices in your community. I found that having one that specilized in child/adolscent pstychiatry ws helpfu;/ I wanted a female for my dauhgter. If you suspect a certain conditon you might want to find someone taht has experince with that. My daughter is bipolar so that wa simportant for me. There are forensic psychiatrists, substance abuse,etc. If this is to try and get treatment after being charged with a crime, that may be important. Compassion
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    NAMI did not have any psychiatrist's for either of the places I had lived.
    What diagnosis do you think you are looking at?
    CABF is where I found my first and newest, and by far the best 2 I have had.
    My first is one of the top 25 in the country and my newest if one of the top doctor's here where I live.
    Even though K really doesn't have ADHD, I have found great help on the CHADD board. They have tons of funding.
    The Nuero-psychiatric I just found is all over the place on CHADD. I did not find her their but I just happened to look up her info to investigate her...
    I have found therapist's and pretty good support info on CHADD, because a lot of our kids are first diagnosis'd with ADHD.

    But CABF has been my best bet, I posted that I was looking for a psychiatrist here and our new psychiatrist was listed pretty quickly by someone.
    So far she is great! We have been seeing her for about 8 months now.
    I have also found that local support groups or local support forums sometimes can give suggestions. Or at least tell you who not to go to! LOL

    Good luck

    Also where we used to live we really did not have an option, we went to the one who was taking kids. That was our option. 2 hour drive each way. Then she was involved in a legal issues. Murder case... luckily K went to psychiatric hospital for 5 weeks so we got the new psychiatrist at the Hospital! But he was no good either...
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    Try to find a Child & Adolescent Board Certified psychiatrist if you can. Some insurance companies have a web site where you can look online and find out doctors covered by your plan. If money isn't an issue, then that won't matter.
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