Christmas Card List..Ends 11-17-07 Next Sat.


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Hi family,

I know this sounds crazy...but this year I am asking now if anyone is interested in the Christmas Card List for the CD board.

Last year I tried at the last minute to organize it, and was able to pull it off, but felt some people had no time to reciprocate or save the money for postage or prepare. I don't think i did lables last year either.

I make/draw my cards every year, so I'm wondering if anyone is interested so I can get a head start. Maybe will draw depending on the # of responses. Personally I hope Terri sends me a card with a bird on it! wink wink nod - I have all of the former years cards, some with pictures and I treasure them all and put them in a sleigh basket for everyone that comes to the house to see and look through.

Just checking now to see if there is interest....because THIS year....i will have the list done and the cards and list SENT (not emailed for security reasons) by Thanksgiving weekend.

This is not the list.....just checking to get the word out and see. Trying not to be difficult child about it...haha.



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Okay I will make a tentative list from the responses here.

For those of you who don't know....

I gather names, create a list, send out MY cards to the people on the list and include the list so that you can send a card back to me and the people on the list.

** Every year we have people who are in NEED of a flowering of cards but can not afford to send back. So we put you on the list - but if you can't send back it is NOT a big deal. The first year I think I got 30 cards back. I started this because I missed getting cards to display at Christmas and because the only people who GET me or seem to care anymore are all of the people here.

I do not keep the list from year to year IT IS DESTROYED. So all I have to know who sent me a card is the card sans address.

(just FYI)

Never had a complaint, never had anyone upset due to personal information being given out. No one ever emailed me and said "I sent a card to so and so and never got one back." It just happens. Christmas is about Giving.

- We could also send Hanukkah cards if you let us know that too. Shalom!


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If I can get this picture uploaded of my daughter from my phone, I am SOOOO making it my Christmas card this year. I'd tell ya what it is, but it is so much better seeing it!


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I would love to be on it again this year. I missed last year. NO one sends me cards but you guys. I have a feeling that this year I will have the major downtime to get cards together again.




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I loved doing this last year. I don't get that many cards anymore either, and I really enjoy them. A lot of people just don't send them like they used to. In fact, last year I whittled my own list down considerably by going through my book and marking off off all the people who don't send ME one anymore!


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Anyone who hasnt done this in the past because you are knew around here, have no fear!

Its really simple.

You just tell star...aka the loan ranger up there that you want in and she will give a time to PM her or email her your address and name. Then she will make her cards and send out the list of the addresses that are in on this thing.

Before hand she will tell us approximately how many families are involved so we can get our cards together.

Its great! I have done it every year but last year because it was too late for me to get it done with the new baby and all.

I have pics of kids on here stored in with my christmas stuff, cards, I have sent pics to everyone else. It was


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Excellent resource for cards if you are strapped for money is the dollar trees or other dollar stores. They have boxes of cards for a buck.

I had to do that one year on here. Another year I went all out and bought cards at the Marine store and got water color drawings of the base my son was stationed at. Those were pretty...sigh.

Wonder if I can get any of Animal


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I buy them the year before when everything goes on clearance after Christmas. Cards are always left when the big sales go on a few weeks later. I think I have 2 or 3 different kinds now. I can send a really religious one or a REALLY tacky one. Depends if its going to family or friends. LOL


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Anyone want to do a theme? Animal, Nativity, Trees, Houses? Or is that narrowing it too much? I drew donkeys (surprise huh) last year, polar bears the year before that...Ihave one friend that took the donkey card and framed, and another one (sorta snooty) that put MY card on the TOP of all her other about that? I made the snooty door. haha. ahem. That's snooty not snotty


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A theme? Hand-designed cards? Star ~ you are setting the bar way to high for those of us that don't have a creative bone in our bodies.


Martha Stewart, I'm not.



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Count me in Star - a donkey card last year?????!!!!! I just read that your son informed you he would be riding a donkey to work - hmmmmm.........