Christmas Card List

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    :christmasgift:It is now official. The Christmas card list will begin as of now. Please PM me your information (name and address and if you want your real name or board name used) to be put on the list. I know some of you forget and tell me you want on the list in the threat but please try to remember I don't have your information from last year so you MUST PM it to me!:christmaslights:

    I will give a reminder the Sunday before Thanksgiving :elf: and then the final call the day after Thanksgiving. :thanksgiving2: Hopefully everyone that wants to be on it will get included. Generally it runs, for those who ask, about 24-26 people with 1 or 2 outside the US; depending on who decides to join that year.

    With that, here is Tiredmommy's Disclaimer from my original thread: