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    There was a post here earlier about our favorite Christmas novelty songs.

    I"ve been upset for a couple of years because I get satellite radio from DirecTV and we used to get a channel at Christmas that played only the funny songs plus some unusal rock versions, etc. The last couple of years there has been no such channel (only the classics, which I like, but after awhile it is enough to make me gag). Today it occured to me that I can get internet radio and all day I've been listening to the funny, novelty songs that I love. If your interested go to
    Click on "Show all genres"
    I'm listening to "fun Christmas (or Christmas fun). It's listed on the second page.They've played all of my favorites and a whole bunch of new ones.

    Warning: some of it is a probably inappropriate for young children but if you have a twisted sense of humor, like mine, you might like it. Right now they're playing "Rudolph the Red Nosed Drag Queen);)

    If you like more traditional music, they have channels with those too.
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    Thanks! Our radio reception is horrible here, but now I can listen to Christmas music while doing my holiday baking. :)
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    I thank you but I am sure my family won't. Hehehe.
  4. mstang67chic

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    Red nosed DRAG QUEEN???


    I think I need to check that out!