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    Fortunately for us, difficult child has spent a lot of time sleeping. Doesn't look strung out or anything like that. Just sleeps, which is fine by me. She hasn't been out nor has anyone come by here to see her. But when she is up, she has still been raising her voice to us, grumbling and being a general little ***** some of the time. I don't want her here. I don't believe she even said thank you for what she received for Christmas. Though she did mention what she didn't get. Unbelievable. I cannot stand my child. She has such a horrible personality. I can't wait until they send her somewhere. It is VERY obvious to me that ever living with us is an option. I will not spend my life being made miserable. I feel awful for saying this, but it is honestly how I feel. Thank heavens she goes for her evaluation tomorrow and I pray it isn't long before they take action!
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    I hope that you can detach from her poison and find ways to enjoy the holiday. If nothing else take a book or puzzle or something and go get a cup of coffee or enjoy a movie by yourself or with someone you enjoy.

    I am not sure who you are waiting for. Is this some govt agency or a rehab program that she goes to tomorrow? Do you have a plan if it will take her a few days or a couple of weeks to get into whatever it is? If so, have you thought about what you will do with her until she is placed somewhere? If it is a group with a waiting list, they will get her in sooner if she does not have a home to stay in. Maybe if you tell them that by X date she has to be in a program and living elsewhere or she must go live somewhere else anyway because she cannot stay under your roof for more than Y days it would motivate them to get her into a place faster? I hope something is open soon because addicts/difficult children are usually willing to change for short periods but if it takes long they decide to go back to bad patterns.

    You are a good mom to let her be at home while waiting for this opening!! Esp after all the problems and ugliness she brings into your home.
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    Just sending hugs your way. At one point, I felt that way about my older difficult child. He was a demon from hades and I couldn't stand to be around him. However, he is now 26, grown up, responsible, and a joy to be around. I know that I am lucky that things turned out the way they did. The way he was going he easily could have been dead or in jail by now but somehow he turned it around and I'm proud to call him my son. I don't know what the future holds for you and your difficult child, but I'm here to tell you that, sometimes, things do turn out OK. Just hang in there.
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    Also sending hugs your way. Hopefully they can get her placed soon and you can have peace without tension again.
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    Thank you. I just really had to vent that out and this is the one place I am able to do that and people actually understand. I actually ended up telling her much of the same. I told her she is such a miserable person and always agitated and irritated and she agreed with me that she is. The thing is I am not sure if a. she is able to control it and b. if being that way makes her as miserable as it does everyone around her. I had to give her a dose of reality yesterday, though. She needed it. She needs to get on the right medications and she agrees with that.
    She was still there this morning to go to the evaluation today so that impresses me. husband and I honestly thought she came to get her Christmas "loot" and then was going to take off again. She didn't. Maybe she is serious about getting some help. Maybe she just has nowhere left to go because she has been a witch to people and people are tired of it. I know we can only tolerate her in small doses. There is just too much tension with her around. She needs to be living elsewhere. I love her. I just can't live with her.
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    I hope your daughter is able to get the help that she needs.

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    How did her evaluation go?
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    He wants to send her for a more thorough two day evaluation by a Psychiatrist near us. We both agree that she needs medications ASAP. He is trying to get her in to see some one today, but he wants to ensure it is a Psychiatrist that has experience in dealing with addiction. This man has been a Godsend in the way he has just sort of taken over.
    She even told me last night that she wants to be on medications. That in itself is huge. She has been very willingly taking her prozac again for now until she sees the Psychiatrist. It's a start.