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    I will be decorating my moms and sisters graves and want to know if I just buy the mums in the pots and don't plant them in the ground, would they stay pretty for awhile? I am fighting breast cancer and don't have the energy to dig up ground!!!! I am putting some pumpkins and gourds also.
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    Hi Peg,

    sorry for your personal struggle - how wonderful to be thinking of others while you go through your own pain - if you want the mums to last for a while, make sure you buy a couple pots that haven't bloomed yet. You should get a number of weeks if you choose mums with tiny little buds - the plant will be a nice dark green. The only downside would be no rain.

    I'm sure the combo of the mums and gourds will be lovely and seasonal. Strength and positive thoughts.

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    Mums and gourds are perfect. I'm sorry for what are going through at the moment. I went through breast cancer treatrment 12 years ago, sending support and hugs.

    I don't know where you live, but would the mums in the pot blow over? Soon it may get windy, just a thought. Maybe there is something like a small stake you can put through everything.
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    Nice choices for the plants and gourds, very thoughtful..............and sending a supportive hug and some caring healing vibes for you...................
  5. Hound dog

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    Would another family member or a friend be kind enough to do the digging for you?

    I'm thinking of a blustery fall day blowing the pots over. As long as rain isn't an issue they ought to be fine for quite a while. (I've procrastinated in planting and not had issues in the past except with the blowing over part)

    Nichole and I planted mums for mother in law & father in law and Fred. I thought she was going to do the digging part.........but Oliver needed chasing after and so I let her do that while I dug. We were lucky to pick a day that it had rained the day before. It made the soil softer and a breeze to dig.

    Sending warm (((hugs))) and keeping you in my prayers.
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    I put the gourds and pumpkins and will have my son help with the digging. You really have to put them in the ground, they won't last any other way.
    I also put a statue of St.Dymphna on my moms headstone. For those of you who are Catholic she is the patron saint of those afflicted with mental and anxiety disorders. I super-glued it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She so worried about my difficult child and I don't know what else to do.
    Thanks for the good wishes and suggestions.
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    I'm Catholic, but had never heard of St Dymphna before. What a sad tale!

    Thank you for sharing. I like to learn something new!

    It's lovely of you to think of your mom and sister. I'm glad that your son was able to help with the digging.
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    Peg, I am so sorry you are battling breast cancer. been there done that. (As so many of us here have.) You are right not to want to dig right now. I thought I could go right back to painting and got up on a ladder to work on a mural and got stuck there for what seemed an eternity, because I reached over and nearly fell and had to stand in an awkward and painful position and hope I could slowly straighten up and make it down the ladder. It was such a disappointment and a wakeup call.

    I can't tell you how many times I looked out the window and wanted to dig in the dirt. And I was certainly not thinking about my family's graves, either.

    I'm glad you got some helpful responses here.
    Heal quickly!
    P.S. I was raised Catholic and never head of St. Dymphna. We never even talked about mental and emotional afflictions.
    The grave decor sounds beautiful. Good choice.
  9. TerryJ2

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    Just read the Wikipedia explanation. Oh, my! How tragic.
    Beautiful artwork on the prayer card.