Church plans to raffle semi-automatic assault weapon to teens

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by JJJ, Jul 12, 2008.

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    You know the old saying, "The road to h*ll is paved with-good intentions."
    I think this one should be "The road to heaven is paved with-idiotic intentions." Or something.
    by the way, there was another story underneath that one about a guy whose nose was bitten off by another drive-up customer at BK.

    I have to quit reading all this stuff or I'll turn into Dreamer. ;)
  3. Abbey

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    I don't know which story I should be more disturbed by!!!

  4. amazeofgrace

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    well that's just plumb scarey!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    WTH? Can't those Okies think of anything more constructive to offer a teen? What about an iPod? Or one of those new iPhones? Sheesh! :surprise:
  7. Marguerite

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    OK, several concerns here -

    First, the organisers of the raffle, thinking this is a really good prize.

    Second, the people who buy the tickets, thinking it is a good prize!

    The purpose of a raffle is to raise money for a good cause. People wouldn't have such things asa raffle prize, if it wasn't likely to work as a money-spinner.

    So don't be too hard on the church - this is just a symptom of s much bigger, deeper problem on so many levels.

    Mind you, I did find what they said to be interesting - this is a retreat all about meeting new people; here, have a gun.

  8. Sara PA

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    Keep in mind that the gun they are giving out isn't a hunting rifle but a semi-automatic assault rifle. There is one purpose for those weapons -- killing people.

    And it isn't a raffle prize, it's a door prize.
  9. SomewhereOutThere

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    I think it's nuts. And scary.
  10. Fran

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    Makes one wonder what their underlying mission is if this is a door prize and who their target teens would be. Are they recruiting gang members? I don't really know anyone who wishes their teen had a semi assault rifle.
    Frankly I don't know any teens who dream of owning one. Mostly they dream of a date for Saturday night, staying out past curfew, sneaking a beer and passing the last exam.

    What are people thinking? let alone a church youth minister. He should be looking for another job right about now don't you think?
  11. donna723

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    I could see them doing something like that around here with a deer rifle or some other kind of gun used for hunting since that's so big around here ... but an assault weapon? What are these people thinking? In some places it's not even legal to own those! These weapons are not used for hunting or protecting your home - just for killing people!

    Has the world in general just gone nuts lately, or is it just me?
  12. TerryJ2

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    I know, I was thinking hunting, but not with-that kind of gun.
  13. Andy

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    I know if my teenager came home from a youth gathering with a gun, I would be furious! Just because it is in the promotion doesn't mean the parents know about it.

    For those kids flying home, if one of them won it, getting through airport security will be a whole new hassel - "Yes, officer, I did win this at a church youth retreat."

    They need to return the gun, get their money back and come up with a more appropriate door prize. One that a parent will not have a heart attack over when it comes through the front door.

    I would think $500 cash would be a better prize that would get more kids interested in attending.
  14. skeeter

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    not to be a stick in the mud - but has anyone found an actual like that states what the gun (caliber, make, etc.) was they were raffling off? I'm having a small problem with the "semi-assault" quote in the story - either a gun is a semi-auto or a fully auto (which is illegal), but I don't know what a "semi-assault" is.
  15. Lothlorien

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    They were giving the gun away as a promotion???? about an Ipod or something! OMG!!!!! What were they thinking???????
  16. Sara PA

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  17. GoingNorth

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    Actually, the AR-15 is a popular "varmint gun" in some areas. It is used for small game hunting.

    The big problem is that it is very easy for either a "black market gunsmith" to rework the rifle for full automatic fire, which turns it back into a military issue M-16.

    It's illegal, but I guarantee you that even in my small town I could have one reworked, and kits are readily available via mail order and the internet.

    I agree that it's ridiculous to raffle off any kind of gun at a youth group, but it does happen.

    We see guns raffled off up here by various charities but in general you have to be an adult to participate (and show a valid FOI card to take delivery)

    What strikes me as a bit weird, given that (assuming this is a Christian church) it's a religion that preaches peace and brotherly love would give away weapons..

    Not a slam at Christians though I am not one and I am pro-gun ownership, but it just strikes me as a bit strange.
  18. Abbey

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    A bit strange?????
  19. Sara PA

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    Again, this is not a raffle to raise money where people have to buy tickets in order to win the gun. This is a door prize that could have be won by any teen -- and only a teen -- who attended the conference. It's purpose was to entice kids to attend the conference.
  20. Christy

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    My thoughts exactly. I am not a gun person AT ALL but realize that there are many safe gun enthusiats and collectors; however, giving one away as a door prize is completely insane. Are these folks not aware of events likf VA Tech and Columbine?