Classes begin this week - My syllabi are very detailed---aaaagggghhhhh

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. hearts and roses

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    Seriously, the syllabus for the online class is pretty overwhelming to read. Plus, the college has introduced a new part of Blackboard that I'm not familiar with. I'm hoping as we progress I can figure it out - but what a HUGE amount of work. Again, as we settle into the class, I'm hoping it's not as much as it looks like! The on campus syllabus looks doable, reasonable and it only meets once a week so I feel good about that.

    Don't these professors ever take into account that students may have more than ONE (theirs) class and that we have lives?! Most of the local community colleges have a lot of adult students with full time jobs and families - yeesh!
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    High school teachers are just as bad. But at least they are expected to teach.

    Professors don't get any + ratings for making your life easier... they get + ratings for pulling together the data that gets published, and ++ ratings for pulling in funding. Everything ELSE is... well, OK, some actually LIKE to teach, so do a pretty good job of it, but they don't get paid for being a good teacher.

    And for the record? Most of them don't "have a life" - they eat, live, breathe, sleep pretty much nothing else except their area of specialty.
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    According to Miss KT, Blackboard is ten million times better than Moodle.
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    Blackboard is what they use at our community college here too.
  5. hearts and roses

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    For the first time, our on line classes are utilizing Blackboard Learn, which is a section I've never used before. And to make matters worse, the 'messages' portion is not working correctly so everytime I go into it, I have to navigate all over the place before finding prior messages. Just a pita, that's all. I ordinarily like Blackboard - it is way easier than any other program I've used in the past.