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    A long time ago I read on here a suggestion of a cleaner. Floor cleaner ...general cleaner I believe. Took off grease buildup. I went and bought it and it was absolutely wonderful. I think I could only get it at Lowe's. However, that was a few years ago.

    Does anybody know what the name of it was??
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    Awesome was one.............a dollar at the dollar store, or buy the big bottle for 3 bucks. It's pretty amazing stuff, but not sure if that's the one you were looking for.

    I know it's taking 7 yrs of grease mixed with smoke off my kitchen walls with very little effort.
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    the only thing I can think of that was ever mention that was sold at lowes was TSP.
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    I don't know which one you're referring to but I tried "Awesome" after it was mentioned here and it really is great! I just painted my living room and bathroom and had to wash down the walls first and it really was wonderful! I also used it in the bathroom and it left my vanity top shining! I sprayed it on the tub enclosure and the built-up scummy stuff just sort of melted and ran down the wall! And at $1 a bottle it works better than the stuff that costs three or four times that much.
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    I used to absolutely adore Krud Kutter... But it sounds like Awesome would be much better. Considering how expensive KK is...
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    If this is for vinyl flooring it might be the Armstrong floor cleaner. Years ago I posted about it and how well it worked but was different than the Armstrong floor cleaner found at Walmart. You use just a few ounces in a bucket of water to clean the floor. I even managed to use vice grips to get the lid to the bottle of swiffer wetjet cleaner to come off so that I could put this in. I use 2 Tablespoons of the cleaner in the bottle and fill the rest with water. It works tons better than the swiffer cleaner fluid and is a LOT cheaper but you have to have their bottle to fit into the wetjet doohickey. Now my wetjet doesn't work so I put the cleaner in a spray bottle (32 oz) and use the same 2 Tablespoons of cleaner in water to spray and wipe the floor between mopping.

    We also discussed a cleaner called fabuloso I think. Cheap, cleans lots of surfaces very well, again is something you dilute.

    on the other hand, you can use ammonia and dish soap in a sprayer full of water (2 T to 1/4 c of ammonia, about a teaspoon of dish soap - Dawn is the best hands down on cleaning grease. Just eyeball the dishsoap, doesn't have to be exact.) You can also use vinegar instead of the ammonia and you can add essential oils for scent if you want. If you prefer a cleaner with bleach, do NOT NOT NOT EVER EVER EVER mix it with ammonia or even put it into a bottle that has had ammonia in it in the past. It is very dangerous to mix ammonia and bleach - creates a toxic gas.

    Simple Green is something that many people like. Again it is a concentrate that you dilute. I think it is at Lowes also. I know the armstrong floor stuff is. I do NOT think fabuloso is - that is at our dollar general, walmart, IGA, etc...

    I mentioned Dawn. Anytime you have to deal with greasy things, Dawn is the best you can get. A little goes a LONG way. It is what they prefer to use on wildlife caught in oil spills because it works so well and is so gentle. For heavy grease, rub a small amt of Dawn directly onto the grease. It will turn whitish as the Dawn cuts through the grease. Then rinse the item and wash again like you would a normal dish. If it is the floor or another place, wipe up as much of the dawn and grease mixture as possible, then rinse with water until clean - washing a second time with Dawn if needed. Years back there was a tanker of cooking oil (vegetable oil) that was in an accident and spilled all over an overpass in the Cinci, OH area. The highway people tried everything they could think of to get it cleaned up. None of their commercial products was working no matter how hard they worked at it. It was winter and it made the oil even more difficult to clean because the water would freeze in areas. Finally they contacted Procter and Gamble and got a huge delivery of Dawn dish soap. The blue stuff that has been around forever. It worked when NOTHING else did. As a kid my dad did a LOT of car work and even taught auto mechanics for a few years. Dawn is what he used on his hands to get the grease and the residue from the hand cleaner off and it is what we used on his greasy work clothes as a presoak for the laundry.
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    I don't think you can use Awesome on linoleum floors - FYI - it may take off the shiney stuff permanently. Same with Trisodium phosphate. (TSP) possibly more diluted - but read the lables. AND WEAR GLOVES.

    Unless the floor is shot already and you just don't care? Then you can use Mean Green - Wet the floor - spray some, scrub it in with an old broom - let set a minute -then rinse - and WHAM -

    Your floors won't be shiney - but they'll be clean.
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    Clean is sometimes more important than pretty...
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    Good point if you're looking for a hooker.
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    Oh wow... Well, I guess cost would be a big issue there, too. :rofl:
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    I'm sayin......ruin a floor - yer out thousands.