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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Feb 1, 2011.

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    they called me today inbetween my cleaning, laundry, packing wow what a procedure to get out. alot harder than it was to pack to get here.

    i'm going back with 4 bags came with two. should be interesting.

    anyway the clinic didn't know i flipped the script and supposedly their closed on tuesdays. so today i get a call the family therapist that i think is great wants to see us.

    i go in and figure perfect opportunity to tell them i'm outta here. :)

    so her and i talk, i tell her what i'm doing and she says to me i think your mom gut is dead on about leaving here and heading home to handle all her other issues. there really is nothing more than can do here for her. LOL

    guess i made the right choice. great therapist by the way, blunt, super insightful and always thinking. she was good. just thought it was funny she said that.

    what did i think of that place?? hmmmm amazing people, staff, doctors. yet something was missing. what i think was missing from the equation was a pyschiatrist. i know they purposely didn't put one in. they wanted to treat it as a medical thing and not delve further into other issues. i respect that.

    yet as for my difficult child there are times that you have to delve further to handle that "one" issue that your trying to handle. along the way on the road to recovery the other "issues" crop up. it's bound to happen. i think thats where they drop the ball in treatment and also lack of communication between staff at times.

    was it worth the flight, time, aggrivation? difficult child is almost medically stable, i found me again, she grew some independence out here and i learned some good stuff. shes eating slow yet she's eating. so all in all i guess i'd say it was worth it.

    yet glad i'm going back home.

    aren't we all glad thats over??? :)
  2. Jena

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    this hospitalization is over. :) keeping my fingers crossed there is never another one thread about difficult child not eating and passing out at home.
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    I am completely shocked that anything to do with phobias or eating issues wouldnt have a psychiatrist or psychologists on staff to be honest. That is where those issues stem. It isnt coming from the digestive tract, its all from psychological issues. I mean I understand if they are retraining people who have missing limbs to use prosthetic devices..sure, thats one thing but anorexia or bulimia are psychological disorders. How come no psychiatrist? Any anxiety issue that has elevated to the point of a phobia is in need of some sort of psychological intervention. Makes no sense to me.
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    You are right, the hospitalization is over but the work remains. But you have gained strength and hopefully difficult child has a little more insight. She's not too young to have gained something here.

    Janet, it is the philosophy of this particular clinic to deal with the physical not the emotional. It is not that they deny the emotional connection, it is a particular method they use (and they have had a lot of success with young children). I think Jena's daughter was complicated on many levels - I think the mix of anxiety and control were most at play.

    Hope you are able to get on that flight this morning Jena.

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    I am with Janet. WHile I am completely THRILLED that difficult child is medically stable and eating again, even slowly, I am HORRIFIED that they PURPOSELY kept a psychiatrist out of things. I am HORRIFIED that ANYONE with anorexia, bulimia, any type of phobia is treated without the psychiatry element. It just flies in the face of everything we know about what causes these disorders to keep treatment based on the medical and straight behavioral type therapies. I am even more upset that these docs are playing with medications like zyprexa, esp with kids, with-o having a psychiatrist on board. Medical docs with-o the psychiatry training just do NOT fully grasp how to deal with medications like these. They were designed to treat psychiatric problems, NOT problems that are strictly medical like heart disease, etc... Not sure I expressed that clearly, but I think you all Know what I mean?.

    I am glad you went, and that it at least got difficult child to the point that she is medically stable. I am THRILLED that you rediscovered you and learned new ways to help difficult child and that she has become more independent!!! The trip was NOT a waste, but I cannot help but think it could have been even more helpful!