Clinical Trial results for Early Onset Bipolar

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    While discussing what to add to my son's medications yesterday, our psychiatrist said she had just read a preview of several clinical trials for EO BiPolar (BP) that will be coming out over the next several months/year. The review was sent to child psychiatrists (at least that's what she is) now because the findings were considered so important that getting the info into the hands of practicing psychiatrists could not wait for final publication. All the studies had passed peer review and it was just a matter of getting through the lengthy publication process.

    According to her, the clinical trial data found that AAP's are the most likely to provide good mood control while MS's are not as helpful in this group of patients.

    The results grouped three AAP's at the top and the others in the trial were not nearly as effective.

    According to our psychiatrist, the studies found Risperdal, Seroquel and Zyprexa to be all about equally effective trailed by Abilify and then at the bottom Geodon.

    I didn't think to ask which MS's were used in the trials but I assume Lamictal was one of them since we were talking in the context of my difficult child 2 being on Lamictal and Abilify.

    Thought some of you might be interested in this info.

    The draw back to the AAP's from our perspective is the metabolic effects. We have seen a big weight increase along with blood sugar increases to the point we may have to start him on Formalin a drug to treat pre-diabetes.:(
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    Thanks for that info! It's very interesting because we didn't have any major improvements with Little Bear until adding Seroquel. Abilify did not work for him at all. However, he is also having major weight gain this last month when we raised his Seroquel. Right now I am trying hard to adjust his diet to compensate but it's hard because of course he craves the high calorie, high carb foods!
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    Thanks for sharing this, PJ (okay, I'm forever going to see you in pajama's now :rofl: didn't know your middle initial was J).

    Mandy, we had problems with out-of-control appetite at lower levels of Seroquel. It's gotten better, though.
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    Graet info! Thank you!
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    Risperdal worked wonders on my difficult child, but the weight gain only added another problem into the mix, so it was discontinued.
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    I wonder what they say regarding when the AP's peter out? Most of these were not meant for long term use. At least when K first started using them a few years ago this is what I had read quite frequently.
    Now it seems like nothing is said about this.

    Do you think AP's work better for kids because they have less control over anger, violence rage. Adults tend to have a tiny bit more control over these things so a MS a lot of the time can be enough for them?

    An AP seems to knock the anger, rage, violence right out of them, or at least for a lot of them.
    I wonder if in the long run this hurts their ability to ever learn on their own how to control these things themselves?
    K has stopped using an AP for the first time in 3 years. It is pretty bad how much anger and violence has come back.
    We are working on all new skills with her that she has never really had to deal with.
    on the other hand- she has lost all of the horrible side affects from the AP's... plus the weight.

    I wish there was an easy answer for our kids. I personally just do not like what AP's did to K.
    If it comes down to her safety I will put her back on them, but it will be a very sad day.