Clonidine Dosage?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by julierose24, Nov 17, 2012.

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    Hello! I recently posted that my daughter has started Clonidine. She was taking 1/4 of a pill (the bottle says 0.1mg). We didn't see any improvement or change in behavior. I called after 2 weeks and her psychiatrist increased the dosage to 1/2 the pill. It has only been a few days, but I still see no improvement.

    My question is: If anyone has tried this medication -what dosage worked for your kids? My daughter is 6 years old and 50ish pounds.

    I know all kids are different, I'm just wondering if maybe this isn't the right medication for her -or maybe we are still at too low of a dosage to see any changes.

  2. buddy

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    At. about thirty lbs q took 1/4 tab (.1mg) four times per day. At around 60 lbs he was on the weekly patches. He wore a tts 2 patch (roughly like. 2 mg all day/night) and could have a tab in crisis. Now as he has grown, from 110 lbs to.current. he.wears two tts3 patches and takes 3-4 .1 mg tabs per day.

    So he is on a large dose but even as a toddler his dose was bigger than your daughters. He hasn't been on it continually his whole life but we came back to it about fourth grade and have been on it since. He has no neg side effects and we monitor his BiPolar (BP) and heart to make sure.

    Just our story of course .......
  3. Tiapet

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    Hi Julie! What symptoms are you trying to elevate with it? I ask because all 3 of my kids have been on it for during the years (they are respectively 14, 15, and almost 21). We have used it mostly to counter act the stimulants at night to assist in sleeping but we've also used it over the years for aggression or to calm down some of the ADD symptoms in combination with the stimulants. We never started as low as you though, another reason to ask what you are using it for. Our lowest dose was 1/2 of .01mg and that was during day in combination with stimulant. For sleeping it was a a full .01mg in the beginning. We have increased dosages as they've aged of course and 2 of them are off it completely as they are being treated with and for other diagnosis now too.
  4. HaoZi

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    Mine is 11 and takes .1mg at night and 3 (yes THREE) .1 kapvay (the extended release version of clonidine) daily as well (breakfast, afternoon, and night).
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    When mine was younger, his dosage was .1 in the am and pm.
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    We are using it to help in the afternoons with aggression. We are also hoping that it will help with sleep issues. It seems we aren't at the right dosage yet. It's good to know that it's probably just too low a dosage -and hopefully it will work for us.
  7. Steely

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    This is a medication that wears off very quickly. So .5mg might be a good dose, but it would need to be taken 3 times a day. I would talk to the Dr about this, or like Buddy, try the patch. 1mg once a day, or .5mg will only do something for a few hours, if anything. It needs to be consistently given throughout the day to get the full affect.