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    difficult child is 10. Diagnosed ADHD for approximately 3 years. On 37mg Concerta. We've been having issues with impulse control and hyperactivity. His pediatrician just prescribed Clonidine (.05 right before bedtime) in addition to his Concerta.

    Of course research turns up cases of sudden death when using the two in conjunction. Anyone have a feedback on usage of the two at the same time? Good experiences or bad? He's having serious issues at school and I don't know what other options we have of getting it under control.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback you might have.
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    Hi I wanted to just say Welcome!
    I think personally I would ask that you tell us a little about yourself, how your child came to be diagnosis'd. Are you comfortable with the diagnosis.
    What other medications have you tried.

    I guess a history of your wonderful child what brought you here?

    K does not really have ADHD, just symptoms when she is unstable. So ADHD medications have either not worked and we are not willing to try stims yet.

    Clonidine was not a good medication for us, but like I said, we have a different diagnosis.
    Others will come along with more questions! and answers

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    My son is on Adderall and Clonidine. Since Clonidine is basically a blood pressure/heart medication, I would make sure that your son gets regular checkups and that he has a strong heart. Also, if he goes off of the Clonidine, wean him off of it slowly.
    Having said that, he is on a low dose, so I don't think you have to worry.
    How much does he weigh?
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    He is 105lbs.

    He was diagnosed ADHD around 7, just recently found a Psychiatrist that did more then talk to him for 15 minutes and write a script. He's been seeing a Psychologist for over a year. They both agreed to add Aspergers to the ADHD diagnosis. I agree with it but wonder if it isn't bipolar like his father.
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    Welcome SSTired. My difficult children were both on the combination for years before we took another medication route.

    I had them in for regular checkups & twice yearly EKGs.

    Clonodine seems to be commonly prescribed to ADHD kids for end of day calming.