Clueless with easy child sometimes


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It's interesting how I seem to be on the ball for what is good for difficult child and how to help him succeed in his life. I am finding though as easy child grows up, I really am not sure with her. She is asking for help but I am at a loss.

I know I am biased but she is a very very pretty girl. She is blubby, happy and a truly sweet girl. She lacks some in confidence and can be shy when faced with the otherwords I would say a normal kid. She tends to be a bit laid back and hates confrontation (I am assuming because of difficult child) so she has made friends with some girls who have no self-esteem and tend to either boss her around or copy her. They degrade others in trying to make themselves feel better. easy child isn't like this and throughout this past year has started to realize that she has put herself in a position of not having many friends because no one likes the girls she is with and that she is finding that she doesn't really like them but is stuck because it's summer and next year she will start in a new school and she doesn't want to hurt anyone.

She does have msn and I have tried to encourage her to try and expand her list but asking for msn addresses of people that she knew but didn't really get to know because of the above. She's very shy and hesitant.

She wants to try out for cheerleading and will go out tonight for her first class. Turns out she knows someone there so I am hoping this will help her. She's very nervous about it.

She wants to grow up into a young lady, I'm just not sure how to help her without pushing her beyond what she can handle.

Wow it's harder to raise a young lady than it is a difficult child sometimes, lol!


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I think all you can do is encourage her to try new things and let her know it is OK for her to find new friends.

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Yep. Keep encouraging her to try the things she'd like to do or is interested in. It will most likely help her to meet a new group of friends she'll enjoy being with.

And she can always luck out an not have a single class or lunch with the current group of friends. lol That always helped Nichole slip away from "friends" she didn't want to hurt.



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Our easy child is already having these types of girfriend issues and she's only 8!! Ack! easy child is a bit timid - and lacks in self-confidence, too. She is not into sports at all - she's tried t-ball, soccer, etc. Refused to try karate and would like to try dance but admits that she wouldn't want to get up in front of people.

She has one little girlfriend who seems jealous of easy child, although there really is no reason for it that I can see other than we are a closer knit family. This friend told easy child that she was skinnier than easy child - at 8 - can you believe it?!? So easy child asked me if I thought she was fat. Ah, no. We have encouraged easy child to make new friends, too, although most of the kids her age on our block are boys and a bit too rough for her - they don't really enjoy playing Bratz. hee hee.

We did find a summer rec program that easy child is going to start when difficult child begins his ESY program - they have an art day camp that she is really excited to go to. Do you have anything like that in your area?

Hopefully, your easy child can look forward to starting the new school year and making a new circle of friends. Good luck over the summer.