Co-worker speaks again...

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    She stopped by this morning and said she was thinking about us last night. She said she recalls back when the fit hit the shan with the brooms. Along about the time they bought cgfg the handheld video game and the whole fam-damily lied to husband and I about it to keep it "hidden". That was when I said enough was enough and I put my foot down and told husband either the problem was addressed, or I would not be participating in anything to do with his family anymore. I had a big blow-out with the brooms, and while husband backed me, he never went to bat for me.

    Anyway, co-worker said, "you know, cgfg learned to walk all over people (ie me) from them (altho there's at least a handle on that at this point in time). husband's nephew used and abused you, your home, etc (using easy child 1's name when he hit the parked car, picking the lock to use our home when he skipped school and smoked pot, etc). He learned it from them. "

    Then she said "its too darned bad he didn't step up and deal with that problem then instead of joining them. Neither of you would be in this situation now if he'd just done what needed to be done and said "mom, you're not going to treat my wife and family like this.""

    I don't know if I agree or not, but its certainly more food for thought. Definitely a tangled web. Again, dropped into the spotlight by the accident...

    I must get ahold of the counselor today.