Coffe drinks - recipes for!! Update added!

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    I used to work as a barrista (person who makes espressos and fancy coffee drinks). I think, given we all seem to need the extra energy this time of year, I will share a few favorite recipes!!

    If you have an espresso maker you can use that in place of coffee in many many of these.

    All drinks SHOULD be adjusted to the taste of the drinker - recipe be dipped!!

    Cafe Mocha Easy

    make a cup/pot of coffee to the strength you like. About the time it is done, put milk or half and half or cream in the microwave and heat, but do NOT boil!! When it comes out you can use as is, or take an immersion blender or whisk and make it frothy.

    In a mug put Hershey's syrup to cover the bottom. It can be as thick a coating as your personal taste desires.

    Pour in coffee to about half way.Stir thoroughly. Pour in hot milk (frothed if desired) to almost the top. Stir gently.

    Add spray whipped cream as desired. (To do GOOD looking whipped cream spray around the rim of the cup on top of the milk and then fill in in a spiral pattern. Go up layers until the whipped cream is as high as you like.

    Top it off with a sprinkle of cocoa (I like Ghirardeliground sweet chocolate and cocoa, but any cocoa will do), cinnamon, or nutmeg. If you are feeling decadent use all 3!!

    This is pretty much what you pay $5 for at the cafe. So Yummy!!

    If you are wanting decadence you can use more chocolate and cream, if you want healthy use skim milk. Skim milk froths better.

    If you really want to be decadent, add a dash of your fave liqueur when after you put in the chocolate on the bottom!!

    For an iced drink, make double strength coffee (2 times the ground coffee in the coffee maker) and don't heat the milk. It is IMPORTANT to mix the chocolate with the HOT coffee or it will not mix. If the cold milk does not chill it enough, put the hot coffee mix in a cup with ice cubes for a few minutes and then strain into the serving cup. If you do this, and have a clear glass to drink it in, put a bit of choc syrup in the bottom. After you add the chilled coffee and milk, use the stir spoon to pull some of the choc syrup up the sides of the glass. It really adds that wonderful look!

    An interesting tidbit - the popularity of coffee drinks like cappuccino and lattes has boosted calcium intake in women quite drastically! so it IS good for us, esp if we use skim milk.

    If you want more recipes, let me know. I memorized them ALL!!

    Enjoy! :coffee:

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    Quick and Dirty Cafe Mocha - put 1 packet of hot cocoa mix in the bottom of your mug. Ad coffee up to the 2/3 mark. Then add hot milk. Stir. Whipped cream as above if desired!!!

    A Special Hot Cocoa

    Get a bottle of toasted marshmallow syrup from the bookstore cafe. Or online.

    Put a shot of it in hot cocoa. It is FABULOUS!! No need for whipped cream or marshmallows, though a few mini mallows is attractive.

    Whatever you do, don't forget the sprinkle of cocoa or cinnamon on top. Even chocolate syrup drizzled on it is good.

    This extra touch makes it so special. And we DESERVE it!

    We are fully WORTH the indulgence!!

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    Hey I moonlighted as a barista myself. Got free drinks, gained 20 lbs. trying such things as a Frozen Cheesecake mocha (845 calories, I calculated from the ingredients which include a slice of Eli's cheesecake tossed right into the blender).

    I love Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice lattes.

    For the really "quick and dirty" mocha I even skip the milk -- just hot choc. mix and coffee, baby!
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    I bet you don't know Nescaf frappé, Greek style!

    We were in Athens during a drought plus heatwave, we would retire to the hotel roof in the evening and pant by the pool. At the bar there I saw a woman clearly enjoying a very dark-looking iced coffee, so we tried it.

    It's the most refreshing thing we've ever had, much more thirst-quenching in scorching weather, because it's mostly water. And ice.

    Here goes - the instant coffee version.

    Get a shaker (we were able to buy special coffee frappé shakers in Greece) and put in 200 ml iced water and ice. There should be another 150 ml of air space for shaking.
    Add heaped spoon of instant coffee (you could substitute a cold double shot here if you like). Add sugar/sweeteners to your taste. Put lid on, making darn sure it's held down tight. Shake madly - it's amazing how much it froths up. Take lid off (carefully), add a splash of milk, briefly shake again, serve.

    In Greece we had these everywhere, often served in the shaker with a straw. The cost of these varied - about 300 Dr on the hotel roof, 500 Dr at the airport (where we spent 17 hours and a lot of money on these) and 250 Dr on Crete. We bought the shakers for 300 Dr each. After that we made our own at the airports, the only problem being we had to make do with tap water and not iced water. But every time we made our own, we saved 500 Dr.
    (Back then, 100 Dr was about A$0.80).

    But marvellously thirst-quenching, once you get used to the, "My, it's watery!" feeling. One of these, really cold, could make you forget that it was 45C at 6 pm and also give you the energy to go on partying until after midnight.

    We still have our frappé shakers, exactly the same as the ones in which our bought coffees were served. I drink loads of tis every summer.

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    All through my prednisone treatment I've been downing iced lattes like you wouldn't believe. husband told me that I may need to invest in a new espresso maker - it's sounding pretty bad of late.

    I used the skim milk; sometimes I use the chocolate, most times I don't. Have to remember to use the decaf coffee.

    I like a dark espresso blend of coffee beans. I found a coffee bean vendor here who makes a wonderful blend of French vanilla coffee. You really cannot drink it alone - it needs to be mixed with a good French roast.

    I mix the 3/4 French roast with 1/4 of the French vanilla. I use that for Iced lattes - I use it for coffee with a touch of half & half.

    I love coffee by the way. Morning, noon & night I have a carafe of hot coffee sitting in my kitchen. Lately, it's been mostly decaf - I can handle that as long as it tastes good.
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    The only kind of coffee that really "hits the spot" for me would be hooked into an IV and comes with a free IV pole!

    :coffee: :bloodshot:

    Just roll around everywhere I go, and swap out the bag when I need to!

    Happy Friday!

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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Marguerite</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I bet you don't know Nescaf frappé, Greek style!


    Marg </div></div>

    I did a little Internet research on the term frappé (we pronounce it "frap") when writing a brochure for my friend that runs the coffee shop I moonlighted in. We used it to refer to a blended frozen latte of any flavor, but I discovered that back East (New England), it means what we in the midwest US would call a milkshake -- blended milk and ice cream. Anyway I read about the European frappé fad that started in Greece. My boy (easy child 3) had a port call in Greece but hadn't heard about it yet so did not get to try it. Thanks for the reminder and the recipe! I'm going to make some tonight. (by the way 200 ml is approx. 1 cup)
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    At fairs and carnivals they usually have a booth making "Lemon Shakeups" which are another great hot weather treat (I know, a little late in the season here in the northern hemisphere, but just coming up Down Under). You take half a lemon and squeeze it thoroughly into a large container, then toss the juiced half on in the cup too (cut in quarters if so desired). Add 1/4 cup sugar (60 ml), 1/2 cup water (120 ml), and 1 cup crushed ice (240 ml), cover and shake it up.
  9. Star*

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    Do you think you could use Kamora in the bottom instead of the Hersheys syrup? It's like Khalua but richer.

    I had my FIRST iced mocha whip cream coffee drink from Sonic yesterday and friend and I spent turns trying to look inconspicuous swirling our fingers in the cup and licking them.

    It was really good - this post is PERFECT timing for me.
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    May I just say.... drooling here. :coffee:
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    I was a Barista also!!! I did it for around 5 years, we roasted our own beans... MMMMM

    I became such a coffee snob!!! Every morning I use locally roasted beans and put raw sugar in a cup with a little half and half, fill with about 1/3 coffee... then I use my little hand blender/whisk, the tiny ones, once it is good and foamy, I fill the rest up with coffee!!!!

    husband loves it better than most Lattes, me too. You can add syrup instead of sugar, I like caramel, I love Starbucks Caramel Syrup, also Torani makes a good one... thick and rich... Yes I have been known to dip my finger in to get to the bottom!!! Star.

    You can also use the little whipper for non-fat milk... it works great for some reason, best on non-fat. But it works cold. We whip it up in a seperate cup do our coffee thing and then top it off with the rich thick foam... OMG it is SO good.... the raw sugar has a real sweet molasses flaver. Better than regular. We only use it for our coffee....

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    I'm not even a coffee drinker but these sound good. I had an icey coffee drink at Gloria Jeans once that was so sickenly sick I wound up throwing my $4 into the trash.

    I bought a bottle of almond syrup at 75% off at Borders last winter but haven't a clue what to do with it drinkwise. I've been using it as a cheap substitute for almond extract in some of my recipes. It's not quite as intense but it works fine most of the time.
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    Yummmmmmm...... :thumbsup:
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    Instead of giving the girls cocoa some times I will whip up warm non-fat milk pour in a little caramel, vanilla even Almond syrup would work, any tastes good... whip it some more and top off the milk... THey love them and because it is foamy they think it has whip cream on it!!! LOL You can dust whith cocoa powder... MMMM
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    Any fans of the Cinnabon Mochalotta Chill?? I have a good equvalient recipe, also for the Cinnabon Icescapes in other flavors??
    If you want it, let me know.

    A personal fave is the Arby's Jamocha shake - a nice, cheap yummy treat.

    At home, Put 1 c cold coffee, 1 c cold milk, and 3 T granulated sugar in a blender and mix for 15 seconds to dissolve the sugar.

    Add 3 cups vanilla ice cream and 3 Tablespoons chocolate syrup.

    Blend until mixed. May need to stop blender and stir with long spoon for a bit to help it mix.

    Makes 2 large shakes

    I got a bunch of Taster's Choice instant coffee packets and sometimes use 2 of these with the milk and no water. Makes it much thicker, which I like.

    Thicker is also good for the oral stuff with Sensory Integration Disorder (SID) kids.