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    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

    This is what I posted on my favorite couponing site.

    It is very important for me to help moms who are struggling in this economy because we are raising three kids who were adopted out due to their BM's financial situation. I know that you warriors will have many suggestions for this situation:

    "I do A LOT of couponing to help food pantries, etc...

    Today I tried a new CVS because my regular one is cramped and always out of stock of the best deals. It is a new store and only had one cashier and one manager working, though three people in pharmacy! Cashier was overwhelmed, running between her station (long line) and the shelves. Most good deals were gone already. Pharmacy tech told me that corporate will not allocate more dollars until the store has proven it can turn a better profit.

    Manager told me that there is a man who shows up every Sunday and wipes all the best deals off the shelves. He told her he sells the stuff at the flea market in the parking lot right next to CVS. He claims he is helping the poor who cannot afford to buy the products at CVS. He then said he made a $4K profit and went on a cruise!

    I drove home in tears. This young, overworked, manager is raising three kids, life is hard for all of us.

    I think that man is a blood sucker. He has a hell of a nerve telling her about his scheme. Helping people is teaching them how to do it on their own, NOT taking advantage of those who are struggling. I told her about couponmom and that I would teach her how to save money.

    Why doesn't CVS limit the number of items one person can get in a week's time? How do I counterbalance this man's influence in the community? How do I impress on corporate that I would like to spend money at their store but am unable to do so until they get more help?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!"

    I'm at a loss due to this legally sanctioned greed. I spend a lot of my time looking for deals for the food pantries. I've been toying with the idea of renting a table at the flea market in order to distribute brochures telling people where to go for help when they need it. They don't need this man's "help". They can do this themselves. They can't afford newspapers which have coupons. They have no computers to print coupons, how can I organize a bank of computers to help them?

    I really hate feeling helpless.

    Thanks for listening to the kvetch!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Why not send a letter to corporate outlining exactly what you've told us here? Oh, and let them know you've shared your frustration with your many, MANY online friends ;) If we don't voice our concerns to those who are in a position to effect change, nothing is sure to happen. Kvetch away, and don't spare them (corporate) the news either. That's what I would do.