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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, May 14, 2011.

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    We all have some kind of cold. Yesterday was awful, fever, chills, sweating up a storm in cycles over and over again. Also upset stomach. Today is a bit better but when I breathe out I am making a strange noise. I am coughing up a lot of gunk but I don't know that I have ever made this noise before. I don't feel out of breath as long as I don't do anything like walk around, but it is very odd and disconcerting.

    I am taking sudafed (the stuff behind the counter because the other does NOT work), mucinex and my pain medications also work as cough suppressants so I am not taking any of those. Should I go ahead and use the albuterol because this noise or just wait for it to pass? Is there a name for this?

    I cannot take aleve, ibuprofen, aspirin or anything similar because I am allergic to them all and I don't take tylenol because it just does not work at all. I also have a family history of bad liver problems so it is best to avoid that one like the plague, Know what I mean??

    Thanks. I have given each of the kids a scrap of fabric with peppermint and eucalyptus oils on it to help keep their noses clear - it has been remarkable helpful to all of us. We are also using cough drops and hard candy to help with the coughing. thank you uses werther's original because he cannot handle the halls type cough drops as they burn his mouth and throat. Literally burn them - leave them dark red.
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    Hi Susie!

    I'm sorry you are feeling so yucky. I don't have any great ideas - maybe check with your doctor about the Albuterol. It sounds to me like you might need it.

    Just wanted to say sorry you feel like koi.
  3. tiredmommy

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    I would use the albuterol if your breathing is impacted. Does your cough sound croupy?
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    Not croupy at this point. I am getting stuff up each time, so that is good. It is mostly the funky sound on exhaling that worries me. I just haven't ever had that before. I wouldn't hesitate iwth albuterol for husband or the kids in this situation (and they are all using it for this cough/cold) but back when thank you had to do regular breathing treatments I learned that albuterol can make me hallucinate. Not scary hallucination, but NOT my idea of a good time. I used to have him sit on my lap during his treatment because he was about 18 mos but had to teach him to sit still and sit up straight by himself because that. Makes me wonder why ANYONE would try LSD or magic mushrooms. I knew a lot of people who did them in college and this confirmed that staying away fromt hem was a wonderful idea, lol!

    So far I don't feel out of breath, but if I do I will use the albuterol. I have my doctor's okay to use it if needed even though I may hallucinate. I am just not supposed to be home alone or where I haave to drive or do anything.

    I hate colds. Esp because i react so dang oddly to so many medications.
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    Keep an eye on it... there's been a lot of pneumonia this year.
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    Thanks. I did not know that. husband almost died from it when he was in grad school 9 yrs ago. They only sent him home because the doctor knew I would watch him closer than the nurses could if he was in the hospital. Jess has had it twice but never as bad as husband.
  7. ML

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    I think you're doing everything right. If you could reach your doctor about the albuterol that would be good. I was going to say "go for it" until I read about the hallucination part. Just make sure you keep the fluids going and get extra rest
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    It is all I can do to stay awake for an hour at a time. So the extra rest is not a problem! Fluids are not easy, but that is why I am staying awake, that and to eat because I know if I just don't eat anything it isn't a good thing!
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    I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. It sems like you're doing all you can...keep resting and drinking. Try not to do anything else. (hugs)...maybe go to dr. tomorrow.
  10. DDD

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    Sending supportive thoughts your way. DDD