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    As if she has not had enough to deal with, Jana has spent two out of the last three days in the ER. First day, dr was a jerk. Sent her home with the diagnosis of stomach virus and bladder infection---I explained she always has bacteria in bladder---we've done the route with doctors for years---he wouldn't listen. Sent her home with 500 mg of Cipro 1X a day---5 days total.

    She slept all day yesterday with fever and explosive stomach. Today she tried to go to work. Worked 1/2 day and was sent home. Back to the ER. ER doctor today was great. Did blood work, stool sample---(We were there 2 hours, she went to the bathroom 8 times.) Filled her with fluid. He doubled the Cipro---told her to take Immodium after every movement up to 6X a day, and to call him if she gets any worse.

    If she is not better on Sunday she has to have a CTScan done with contrast. We have the contrast, but ER Dr. doesn't want to radiate if we don't have to.

    She is having horrible pain in her abdomen. I pressed on her stomach and she cried for five minutes---not like her at all to cry.

    Please send out some good thoughts that she gets better soon.
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    Oops---meant to put in the watercooler---please move for me mod.
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    No problem, EW. I'll do that now.

    Sorry to hear about Jana. Hope she's on the mend soon.
  4. flutterby

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    I hope she's feeling better soon. Sending healing thoughts.

    It's amazing how bad pain in the abdomen can be.
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    Poor girl. Did they do CT scan without contrast while she was there, today? I hope it just a viral thing....rattling beads and sending prayers.
  6. susiestar

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    Poor Jana! I am so sorry she is this ill. I will keep her in my prayers so that she can kick this ASAP. tell her I hope she feels better soon.
  7. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Hope the CT scan reveals the reason for all this -- poor girl! Another option might be an upper GI study with barium -- less radiation than the CT. It takes longer (and tastes yucky), but they can follow it all the way through to the colon.
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    Jana is in my prayers, hope she can feel better soon.
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    Poor kid! Hope she's feeling better soon and they get it figured out.
  10. busywend

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    Sending prayers that she is better soon. HUGS!
  11. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Hope she is feeling better soon.
  12. witzend

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    Is she feeling any better?
  13. lmf64

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    Sending out wishes for a quick diagnosis and rapid recovery.
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    How are things today?
  15. Star*

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    EW -

    I am so leary about SC Dr.'s. We took Dude in over a week ago complaining of a headache, vomiting and nausea. They sent him home with a prescription of anti-nausea medicine. I told them he needed to stay over night. Three days later he's back again. I wanted to smack the ER doctor (who looked like the broom stick riding teacher in Harry Potter) in the kisser, but was polite and said nothing. Finally he got something for migraine, dehydration, vomiting. Duh...

    I hate it when Dr. Mom knows her kids a () little bit better than ER Dr. does. I hope you are not back at the hospital with Jana today but I have a sneaking suspicion that is exactly where you are at right now. IF SHE cried for 5 minutes after touching her SOMETHING is really wrong. Hoping for a good outcome - let us know when you can - she's in our prayers.

    Hugs & Love
  16. everywoman

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    She is better today. Still has watery diarrhea (sorry to be so graphic) but the fever is gone and she doesn't appear to be in as much pain. She has a CTscan this morning of her abdominal area but they said besides inflammation, they saw nothing abnormal. She is to continue her regiment of antibiotics and keep taking the Imodium. In another 3 weeks she will be back on my insurance and until then...we will pray.
  17. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Glad she is starting to improve a bit. I hope this passes quickly and that she can stay healthy until she's back on your insurance. Yikes.
  18. Lothlorien

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    Is it possible that she has Crohn's? My brother had several feet of his intestines removed because of Crohn's, over the years.