College Paper on Teen Drug Abuse Any Solutions For Abuse From Parents?

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    Hello everyone. I am a freshman attending St. John’s University and in my English composition class we were given an assignment to write about a problem in society and possible solutions for it. I choose drug abuse in teens because I can relate to this topic and have experienced the negative consequences that come from drug abuse with my peers. In 2003 more than 7.5 million individuals aged 12 to 17 reported having used an illicit drug at least once in their lifetime. In the same year students in grades nine through twelve indicated that 40.2 percent of respondents had used marijuana, 12.1 percent had used inhalants, 11.1 percent had used MDMA (also known as ecstasy), 8.7 percent had used cocaine, 7.6 percent had used methamphetamine, 6.1 percent had illegally used steroids, 3.3 percent had used heroin, and 3.2 percent had injected an illegal drug one or more times during their lifetime. These alarming facts should not be ignored anymore.
    I thought of possible solutions as setting up programs in high schools where you can turn in drug dealers for a reward and remain confidential from the general public. At first I was skeptical about this idea, but my high school implemented this program and I found that it worked very effective. Another problem taking over the country is the addiction to prescription pills. I am not trying to tell parents what to do being that I am not a parent myself but do you think parents should keep a stricter eye on the easily accessible medicine cabinet. Even if your children aren’t using pills they are at such a high demand they may be taking them to gain profit to suffice for their other habits like alcohol or marijuana. Please express your feelings on possible solutions for this ongoing problem of abuse.
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    Hi! Where is St. John's University? What is your major in school? Can you be more specific about how substance abuse has touched your life?
    Finally, have you contacted the owner (Runaway Bunny) or at least a Moderator to get approval re: your post/questions?
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    I will be happy to give you my opinion, as long as it's ok with the mods. Good luck.

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    I would be happy as well when you have permission. And to be honest your solutions, so far, don't even get the heart of the issue so you do need help from the experienced!
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    Any mods in here? There are some here who would love to answer this if it checks out.

    St. John Student....are you still interested? Runawaybunny is our owner/site administrator. You may want to send her an email or pm requesting permission. I'm sorry I am not good at telling you how to find her email address on this new format but if you click on her name on the main forum page you can send a pm.

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    I checked with the site owner and adm. and there is no problem if anyone wants to share their information ... so long as no personal names/places, etc. are mentioned.

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