Colo. woman who was sentenced to 4 yrs for ISIS connection


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Truly a difficult child. Everyone agreed she had psychiatric issues. But what she did was premeditated.
I had to laugh when I read the back-and-forth comments between the defending attorney and the judge, in regard to her changing her Muslim name to another Muslim name. I bet he's a parent. :)

"Don't tell me that changing her name means she gets it. She changes her name like I change my socks," the judge told the defense.


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After having read the CNN article she is clearly a candidate for a state hospital. She had marriage arrangement going on with 3 men. I hope that she can get some treatment while inside.

Much of the war is going on the Internet where ISIS tries to lure young people down and fight for them. Especially young women so they can use them showing to the world that they are not the men-only world they are known for. The very minute she would have entered Syria she would be on the phone to her parents begging to be helped home. That is what you can read in UK newspapers. In the UK it is a huge problem. Several hundred of teenagers have been lured to Turkey and over the border to Syria. Most want back very quickly but cannot leave without risking execution.

In such a situation i would call the police. Rather have the daughter in prison than over there.


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With the beheadings, I doubt even our worse difficult children will be interested. In fact, I'd suspect most of them don't know much about what ISIS is. Not like Americans, and the youth especially, know or care what is going on in other's back yards unless it concerns our own. The overriding majority of young people, even the academically bright ones, haven't been politically engaged since the 60s and that was only because THEY were under the threat of being drafted. THEY, THEY, ME, I. We are Americans. We don't look too far, for the good or the bad.

The "Americans are indifferent" label is in my opinion very true. In this case, I'm glad. We don't need deranged Americans running off to help terrorists. Few of American ancestry have. I just remember the guy from California and feeling sorry for his parents.

To emphasize our degree of "Me-ness" I had been asked quite a few times before my 2nd husband and I adopted Jumper and Sonic why we adopted overseas when "There are children HERE who need homes." It was asked boldly, with criticism, and judgment. (The answer was that most available young children in the U.S. are black or biracial and first husband was not on board with that, even though I begged him). I never did explain to anybody though.


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My hope is that governments and large corporations will stop paying ransoms to these terrorists. They're funding terrorism. France had paid on a number of occasions. I wonder if they feel differently about it after the Charlie Hebdo incident. I've never said that to anyone other than husband because it sounds awful and judgmental. But really, what do they think the terrorists are going to do with a few hundred thousand or a few million dollars? They took down the planes and the towers on 911 with box knives for crying out loud. Their entire operation start to finish is said to have cost $400,000. Now I know that $400k is a lot to you and me but it's nothing like our military budget, and it's less than ISIS has received in ransoms from nations and corporations.

Sorry - I had to say it sometime or I'd burst. I yield the soap-box.


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Now I'm getting ads in between posts. That's something new!

I've always told people that if I'm taken hostage by a horrid group, do NOT give them money. I'll just wave goodbye.
Can't say you can make that into policy, but it does make a difference.
I mean, how many Russian hostages do you see? We saw two for the first time last month, and of course, no one paid their ranson. They know that ISIS is going to kill everyone anyway, and they may have already been killed by the time you found out they were even captured. People very seldom take Russian hostages because they know they won't get anything out of it.
War if filthy. But I don't want to add to the enemy's pocket.


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Witzend, I do not remember reading that!!! At least, not in that much detail.
That IS the way to do it. It is unfortunate, but it is the only thing they understand.
I wouldn't go so far as to hire the KGB or Hezbollah to keep my son in line, but boy, sometimes it is so tempting!