Colon Hydrotherapy

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    Has anyone done this? The idea intrigues me. I understand that it's been around for many centuries so it's not exactly "new age".

    I feel very toxic. I just wondered if anyone has experience with this. It's not cheap and I don't want to waste (no pun intended lol) my money.


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    I haven't done it. I shudder at the thought, because for me, my GI tract is very personal and I don't want to have anyone else invade it unless I'm under general anaesthetic.

    However, husband & I once did some work for a woman who had her own colonic irrigation business. She was about 90 years old and looked maybe 60; she still had her own red hair (with some streaks of grey just creeping in) and could still do some fairly amazing contortions. We watched her do the splits, and then stand against a wall and do splits mid-air. She said she could do all this because she lived on a diet of pure vegetable juice and gave herself dsaily colonics. She did a hard sell on us, tried to talk me especially into having a free colonic at her fair hands - I was hard-pressed to find enough excuses. I said I didn't need one, my GI tract performed effectively at frequent intervals. She then said that this was a bad sign, I shouldn't be 'going' that often. I said that it wasn't every day that it was so frequent; she then said THAT was a bad sign, because constipation is the curse of the modern age. I said that if I was 'going' often enough, surely I wouldn't need hosing out? She said that you get a crusty build-up that doesn't get shifted even with regular 'performances' in the bathroom.

    I did manage to get out of it at that point be remembering my work had been neglected and I had to get back to it. And then her toyboy turned up, and she got distracted with him.

    My conclusion - she would have told me whatever 'sold', to get me to have a go.

    I'm told, by other people I know who have had this (in futile attempts to cure whatever chronic illness thye were fighting) theat after a high colonic, you leave feeling as light as air and thoroughly clean, inside and out.

    OK, I can get that feeling without having a fire hose shoved where the sun don't shine. All I have to do is eat a second bowl of prunes...

    Leave feeling cleansed inside & out? Me, I think I'd feel permanently traumatised and violated... but my bank balance would definitely be lighter!

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    Sorry, but it sounds like a gigantic enema. But you know, different strokes for different folks.

    I am with Marge. That is an exit only area. Period, end of discussion. Not sure how I will handle a colonoscopy if I ever need one. Lots and lots of drugs.
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    Thanks for the info Marg. I agree that it wouldn't be on the top of my list of things I "want" to do, but if the benefits I read about are true it could be worth it. But based upon what I'm hearing you say you haven't heard anything to convince you that it is. You said the people you know that tried to cure themselves of various ills were unsuccessful so that should tell me something.

    Thanks for your response crazy, I hear you.

    I've done some further research and I don't think I'm going to pursue this. There are other days to "detox" like those extra prunes lol.

    Thanks again,

  5. crazymama30

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    If you want an over the colon cleanse try magnesium citrate. I believe it is still sold over the counter. It is pretty intense though. They used to use it to prep for colonoscopies. My grandfather calls it liquid dynamite. Not sure if it causes cramping.
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    Had one (colonoscopy). It's nowhere near as bad as people make it sound. You don't remember any of it - just waking up all snuggly and warm under a blanket afterward. :) God, I love knock-out drugs. The dentist should start carrying them. Hehe.

    ML - I know we disagree on the concept of "body toxins", so I won't address that. My experience is all from the medical research side of things, but as far as I've seen, colonics are another one of those remedies that are still wildly unproven, and can be dangerous for certain people, or if not done correctly. Most researchers I know are very anti-colonic, because of the chance of upsetting the electrolyte imbalance and the slight chance of bowel perforation. I say this not just as a gal on here, but as someone who was been involved in biomedical research for a while - I've read the materials, and there's just nothing to it right now, other than anecdotal evidence. I don't think I could spend my money (or risk my health) solely on the experiences of others, personally. It may have been around for centuries, but so have blood-letting and exorcism, so I'm not sure that's a great recommendation. Hehe.

    I guess for me, in the end, it comes down to this: There is definitely a place for alternative medicine, but that place shouldn't expose me to any EXTRA health risks, in my opinion. :tongue: It's absolutely your decision, but since you're asking, that's what I know.

    However! I think there's a "licensing" organization that colonic-givers can voluntarily join, so if you DO decide to get one at some point down the line, make sure you get one off that list. Here's a Mayo Clinic list that says "probably not a good idea to get one, but if you do, here's what to do to help make it safer":

    And I'm totally with Marg. Prunes! Woo! (hehehe).
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  7. Marguerite

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    Prunes are cheaper... and magnesium sulfate, or citrate - definitely dynamite. And yes, it can cause cramping. Any of these can (including prunes), if you get a bigger dose than your particular body needs.

    It's a bit like all those ads for omega 3s, for acidophilus etc which say thay you should be getting X amount per day, "and who can get that in their daily diet? None of us, which is why we have to get it in a supplement" - I get so angry with these ads, because the human race has evolved to get our requirements from our diet, not from supplements. If the claim is that you need X amount and you can only get x amount from your diet, then chances are - the claim is exaggerated.

    That's not to say that I don't take supplements - but I take them because I can't eat as much as most people without gaining weight, the sort of foods that contain calcium, for example, are also too fattening for me. PLus I'm on prednisone, which is diabetogenic and also osteoporotic. I NEED to take extra calcium and get it in a calorie-free form. While I love to drink milk, it would put weight on me fast.

    Another problem with colonics are a regular thing - same as problems with regular use of laxatives; your body gets so used to getting assistance to do its job, that eventually you NEED these things in order to evacuate bowel contents properly. It takes a long time to re-train your body to eliminate waste by itself, if you've used laxatives or other assistance for years.

    If you end up as a person who has to have regular colonics, then of course they would make you feel fabulous!

    I don't use such artificial means (apart from the prunes, which are a recent addition, due to my diet) and so I can get the same great feeling of being cleaned out, just by doin' what comes natcherly...

  8. susiestar

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    I have had several people all try to get me to try a "free" colonic because they are just positive it will fix all that ails me.

    If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true. This goes for every single thing under the sun. You don't get something for nothing.

    As far as whether people need to be "cleaned out" in that area, NO. Your body has been designed to be self-cleaning. Unless there is a medical reason for cleaning out a bodily orifice, there are few reputable sources who claim any benefit at all.

    Once in a great while a blockage could develop for any of a hundred reasons. At that point it is important to have a doctor's advice BEFORE you do enemas, etc.... By cleaning out up there with water and whatever else they put in it, you destroy the natural bacteria that help your body function at peak efficiency.

    Same for douches. They are a leading cause of infection and other problems for women's reproductive health. they should ONLY be done under doctor's directions. And even with doctor's directions perfumed/scented products should NOT EVER be used.

    If you really feel a need to clean things out, magnesium added to your diet should help. So do adding fruits and LOTS of fiber. They even make some new fiber bars like granola bars that have 35% of the daily fiber intake.

    You can also use acidophilus supplements (available in many pharmacies and health food stores - decent quality acidophilus should be kept in the refrigerator after opening).

    These are things you can do to help keep things moving and to not interfere with your body's natural cleaning and care.
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    Thanks guys. You really helped me. You saved me some bucks too which is good because I found out we're getting furloughs soon. Hugs ML
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    ML, I have a lot GI issues because of my IBS. The absolute best things you can be doing to keep yourself regular will also improve your overall health and don't come easily: eat properly, drink plenty of water, exercise, (try to) limit stress, and get enough rest/relaxation.
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    Oh no, that is the last thing I would ever do.