Come on July, hurry up and get here!

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    So I have exactly three more weeks till my summer vacation begins. difficult child will be out of school in two weeks and easy child's last day was Wednesday. This school year has been a tough one with difficult child and her health issues plus school problems, and easy child going to live with his dad in April. I think we all deserve a relaxing summer break. I am going to take my son for two weeks starting June 27th. My last day of work isn't until the 28th so I will be putting him in the boys and girls club for two days. After that I am officially on summer break for two months. While easy child is with me we are planning on going to Knott's Berry Farm, a local amusement park, and we will be going white water rafting. My parents took me river rafting as a kid and I loved it. I think my kids will really enjoy it too. I am excited to be able to spend two whole weeks with easy child. This seeing him every other weekend business isn't for me. I miss him too much.

    I would take him longer this summer but his dad says he won't help me out with extra food expenses so I can't afford to keep him for more than a couple of weeks. I am looking forward to this summer probably more than any other in the past. I can't wait to be done with difficult child and school issues for a few months. She has been having trouble sleeping lately and she has fell asleep in class twice this week. The first time her science teacher sent her to the Special Education assistant principals office. She was nice enough and let her sleep a bit, gave her some juice, and sent her back to class. This morning was worse. difficult child didn't sleep barely two hours due to a bad case of insomnia. She fell asleep in art class and refused to wake up. Her art teacher called me and told me to do something about it. She is not supposed to contact me with these issues. The assistant principal has already stated that everyone is supposed to treat me like I don't work at the school when it comes to difficult child. If anybody has any problems with her they are supposed to treat her like any other kid and act appropriately. The art teacher interrupted me during a very busy time this morning and I didn't appreciate it. So I told her to do the appropriate thing and send difficult child to the office, which she did. My coworker went up to the front office to do something and she saw difficult child up there arguing with the front office secretary to let her sleep. I guess the assistante principal wasn't there at the time. So finally the nurse came over to help and called the school psychiatric.

    The school psychiatric, who is awesome and difficult child loves him, let her come into his office for awhile to rest. I have a feeling that sooner or later they are going to send her home early today. When difficult child doesn't get enough sleep she is pretty much non functional. So I am happy that school for her is out in two weeks. No more school headaches for awhile. And in three weeks I can finally put the work stress behind me for a awhile. I am REALLY looking forward to not having to see my supervisor for a whole two months! And I am hoping I lose enough weight this summer that when I come back to work in September people actually notice. So for me July couldn't get here soon enough. I am hoping these next few weeks go by quickly. I am getting really impatient!
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    Rumor mill has it that my supervisor is applying to other jobs in other schools. Oh I pray it's true. I would love to leave for the summer and come back in September to find her gone!