Coming Down to the Wire..................

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Dec 23, 2010.

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    And I find that my spirit is slumping in a big way. Probably exhaustion. lol

    Tomorrow is xmas eve and I still have a ton of gifts to wrap before katie and family arrive tomorrow around noonish.....because I can't wrap them with them around.

    I have a chocolate pudding cake to bake totally from scratch........I haven't done it in a long enough period of time I'm a tad nervous about's a touchy sort of cake, pure heaven on earth when it comes out right.

    I'd asked katie if there was anything in particular they might want to eat xmas eve for dinner from menus I'd cooked while they were here. Yes, there was a reason it was worded that way. I know M well enough now to know he'd ask for steak and lobster or something else off the wall. She stated they'd prefer no noodles please as they've been eating noodle dishes almost everyday. Well, ok I can handle that I suppose. Then she said M would really like chocolate pie for dessert.

    Now I knew my spirit was deflating when that hit me all wrong. I mean for a normal meal I do not have dessert. They know this, they complained about it often enough. So I've been flip flopping back and forth on whether or not to make M this stupid pie of which he will be the only one eating as no one else is really gaga for chocolate pie (especially if a chocolate pudding cake is in the house......cake wins hands down) I bought the ingredients. I still don't want to make that darn pie. It's probably just me, but it seems like one of those over and beyond request of his that he is so prone to making. Sigh. Yet there is a very teeny part of me that keeps saying that it won't kill me to give the jerk something he likes for xmas too.

    UGH! I actually may not make it. The cake takes a very long time and makes a huge mess all by itself. I really don't need to be baking a pie on top of it. easy child took over baking my share of cookies just so I'd make the cake. lol

    Maybe I'm just feeling a tag daunted with how MUCH I have left to do in such a teeny window of time to do it all. And then when I finish I can't sit down and enjoy what I've done...........noooooo.........I get to listen to M for 3 whole days. (omg what was I thinking?)

    Oh, well. I guess I'll survive. It will get done or the menu will change. It won't be the first time that's happened. lol And at least mother in law taught Travis to wrap presents very well and he's been helping me a LOT this season.
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    While I know the desire to not make the pie, maybe you can think of it as a gift for Katie that M can be happy about the pie. That is often the way we look at things with my one brother in law -- that we do nice things for him to make my sister's life easier.
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    Don't make it. I can tell you're too busy and don't want to. You have spent a lot of time and energy recently making sure everyone will have the perfect Christmas. How about you? You don't have to do everything. Pare it down, it'll be fine. I want you to have fun HD. Even if your fun is to just chill for a few minutes, it's worth it.
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    hey there,

    Eliminate some stuff. Make sure you have time to put your feet up. This is a priority.

    Hugs and best wishes