"Coming of Age Weekend"

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, May 22, 2011.

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    This weekend easy child/difficult child has been attending a "coming of age weekend" that is part of a class she is taking this semester. This is meant to be a more formal transition from childhood to adulthood weekend.

    The first day (Friday) they had to walk 21 miles (the intent being to wear them down physically). On the walk they were given tokens of different things to think about like compassion, persistence, responsibility, etc.. Other things planned for the weekend included writing down something they want to leave behind from childhood and then burning it (hopefully she didn't put down difficult child, husband, or me-lol). They were also going to be making dolls that signify who they hope to become. I know there were other plans for Saturday but I don't remember what exactly.

    This morning they do some sort of a sweat lodge thing and then later walk over a line from childhood into adulthood. At night they have been sleeping in tents. The boys also have their weekend but separate from the girls (they sleep in wigwams they built).

    At some point during the weekend they are given letters written from their parents. husband and I each wrote our own letter. Her letter to us came this weekend. I'd share parts but that would make this post really long-maybe for another post because I'd love your thoughts.

    Tonight we meet all of the kids for a pot luck dinner and are to bring their favorite dishes. I'm making a trifle she loves.

    The hope of the class is they will come back with a better idea of what adulthood means and accept their responsibility in being an adult. Apparently some kids have really come back changed from the weekend. easy child/difficult child was not looking forward to the weekend but I am hoping she is able to gain something from participating.

    It sounds like a neat program for kids and one that is rather unique.
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    It think it sounds like an awesome program. I tried to get manster involved with a similar program for boys. It's a boys to men program with mentorship being a major component. They have a similar weekend thing but manster heard just enough to know he was not interested lol.

    I'm anxious to hear from you after the potluck. And just maybe the ideas behind the tokens sunk in enough for her to (hopefully) react in a level headed way regarding the cigarette incident.
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    Great idea. Sounds a bit like what they have at UU but more intense.
    Fingers crossed for a good, and lasting change.
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    Thanks ML & Terry,

    Too early to tell if there will be lasting change but she did have a good weekend. When she saw us she yelled off the bus, "there's my dad and mom!". As she got off the bus she came over and gave us a huge hug!

    She was very chatty for a bit (not like easy child/difficult child). All of the kids ended up getting up in front of the group and talking. She started out giggling a lot because she was so nervous but then went on to talk about what a profound experience she had and how thankful she was. It was really nice!

    Now fingers crossed we see some lasting change (not holding my breath though-guessing it will come in time).
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    Sounds like an interesting program!
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    That sounds awesome really. I hope it has a great impact on her.