Coming to peace and embracing love for everyone


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I have been on a very spiritual path. I read, listen to and talk with spiritual people who have strong positive energy and many who I totally believe know what the spirit world is like when our physical body dies, but not our conscioiusness.

I have learned that to them and me there are only two true fear. Every negative emotion our ego has is felt out of fear. Fear of others. Fear of failure. Fear of being alone. Fear of being scolded. Fear of death which I no longer believes even happens. Fear of fear.

I am choosing to try hard living in my higher self, the self that makes loving decisions. I choose to believe we are all connected. We are all precious. We are all one. All of us.

Whether you think I am a nut ;) or respect my strong belieefs that i feel have been proven to me, I am on a good path. I want to share the love with the world. My heart is full.

More and more I let go of the negative ferlings I had about my FOO and concentrate on what little thing I can do to make this world a little better place. I believe in the ripple effect.

If one of is deliberately kind to another, it ripples in the vast waters of the Universe. A negative act or thought does the same. Even a nice or not nice thought affects this ripple and affects the human collective consciousness that ai beliebe rules the earth.

I am doing very well now and feel wrapped cozily in a positive blanket of light. The past and future are both gone and not there yet. We only have the present as reality.

I am trying to live in the present.

Is it easy? No. Doable? Usually.

I feel new. I send my love and light to all beings.

Just another update. Probably the most significant one.

If anyone wishes to embark on a spiritual journey, you will change your way of thinking and likely be happy you have done so. It is not a religion.

Peace to all. Find your own personal path to it please.
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