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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    It's spring, which means lacrosse season so things are vey busy around here for me between difficult child 1's games and all the stuff I have to do as a booster club board member, team photographer, webmaster, snack shack donkey, and all around indentured servant to the team. Which is why I haven't been around much. I won't even mention the taxes I need to file, easy child's birthday party I have to plan, and that big holiday coming up in two weeks.

    Today, though, I thought I'd pop in and do a little bragging for a change instead of my usual moaning.

    Today was difficult child 2's IEP triennial review and this was one of the best ever. The school's analysis confirmed what we already know, but it was just nice to have it all there in black and white for the world to see. And it was nice to have the teachers reminded that this kid has REAL issues, that he is REALLY bright, and that the accomodations he has now are not arbitrary. (There's one teacher in particular that just hasn't seemed to buy off on difficult child 2 and sometimes he's treated him like he thinks he's just lazy).

    Moving forward as we transition him to high school in the fall, he's going to continue to receive services he has now, plus they are going to figure out a way to NOT require him to take timed tests, NOT penalize him for messy handwriting or drawings, and NOT penalize him for late assignments, specifying a set amount of additional time he will be allowed for completing work and projects if needed.

    Though he is in a gifted program now, I am not going to push for any honors or AP classes next year. He is still struggling too much with memory and processing problems and I really see no point in stressing him over that.

    It was just so nice to come away from a meeting where I truly felt that everyone understood his deficits as well as they understood his strengths.

    We're off for Spring Break next week and our psychiatrist is having us try lowering the Depakote ER a little to see if it helps his sedation. Virtually every teacher says it's an issue at one point or another during the week. We've already tried reducing the afternoon Seroquel, but then he's bouncing off the walls. So fingers crossed.

    Gotta run now to pick up difficult child 1 from his LAX game. He's doing well -- more on that later!
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    Thank you for the wonderful update! How old is easy child going to be? The dreaded 13? Or is it 12? Congrats on difficult child 2 getting the support he needs for HS... the transition can be hard for easy child's. And.... I can't wait to hear more about difficult child 1; he's still in the specialized program where he goes for a few classes and does other classes at home, right?
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    What a great update! Enjoy your LAX!
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    Howdy Chicky!

    Good to hear such a great update!

    Preeeety soon you will be taking the brood for a camping trip not? ----Adventures of Mother hen and the peeps! I can't wait!

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    I'm glad to hear a brag!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    TM, easy child is turning 12 -- going on 20 I think some days, though not because of the way she dresses or her interests (boys are still idiots in her opinion, lol).

    Forgot to mention difficult child 2's designation is being changed from OHI to ED, which I think gives more creedance to the whole IEP package in some people's minds. I don't really care what they call it, as long as he gets the help he needs.

    difficult child 1 is still in the independent study program and overall is doing pretty well. It's the time management that gets him, especially now that he's got LAX games to juggle with everything else. Consequently the past two weeks he's procrastinated himself into a corner with the work. There's only so much I can do for him with reminders and gentle nagging, and he's acknowledged that, so hopefully he's learning and will not put things off this next week. He's got one more week of L.A. and then he's done with that subject for the year. He started geometry last week and has 8 more weeks to go. Next week he gets to start Drivers Ed (which has not been offered in the general ed schools for YEARS). He's also taking French 1 and LAX at his home high school, and that is going just fine. We had him evaluated for services at the home high school, but because he's no longer depressed and having the physical problems he had four months ago, the tests today just don't support him getting an IEP, so the 504 plan stays. We still don't know if he'll transition back to the regular high school in the fall or stay where he's at. He registered for both, so we'll see how the year wraps up and decide later in the summer.

    Donkey Mama, no camping trip planned, but we are heading north at the end of June to scatter my dad's ashes. Along with those of three other siblings! My mom said she's bringing a bottle of good scotch and drinking a toast to all of them when it's done. :rofl: She's doing really well this past year. I've been helping her tag stuff for garage sales as she goes through the enormous amount of computer, lapidary, astronomy, electronic, office supplies, clothing, and you-name-it junk my dad hoarded. Her house is getting bigger by the day as we get rid of 40+ years of accumulation.

    That's about it for now. Time to start the morning taxi and get people where they need to be today!

    Enjoy the day, everyone!
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    Great update!
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    Great update! Wow, have you all been busy! He is so bright and has so much potential. Way To Go, Mom!
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    Wonderful update!