Comorbid addiction and ADHD... I fear rehab would mean no more adderall

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by stalln4x, Oct 24, 2012.

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    I've posted a little bit in the PE and SA forums on here and I'm ready to go to rehab, I think, once I figure everything out with my family, what to do about school, etc.

    I'm worried about ADD though. When I first started seeing my psychiatrist, we were going over my past drug and alcohol use and I had mentioned that I bought Adderall a couple times for help studying during finals. He seemed interested in this and asked how it made me feel (like if it made me feel high, calm, zoned in, etc.), so I was telling him and then--and this was news to me--my parents told him that apparently every teacher I ever had told them they thought I had ADD and recommended looking into treatment. It helps me focus and stay in one place long enough to get things done. It does raise my stress levels but when things are otherwise stable it has been very helpful for me.

    It makes me sad to think about how I could have done better in high school and maybe gotten more scholarships for college if I had been treated but eh. My issue now is that I want to go to rehab, have fun without substances, etc. but I'm faced with the fact that I benefit greatly from (and don't abuse) one of the most notorious drugs of abuse: Adderall. I took it faithfully for a while but kinda stopped... I only asked for a refill twice in the last year, started again to try to salvage this semester, but stopped it again at the suggestion of this board when I first got on here whilst having a little breakdown.

    This really stresses me out. I tried non-stimulant ADD medicine at my request after I read Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax (EXCELLENT book, by the way) and got scared that Adderall would hurt me or whatever. Unfortunately, it didn't really do anything to help me focus :-/.

    I need rehab anyway for a bunch of things I do abuse, but I'm worried afterwards that I'll be screwed out of a legitimate treatment I need. Does anyone have any insight into this? This won't prevent me from going to rehab but it's something I'm worried that will get messed up even if it shouldn't be.

    Thanks and sry for flooding the SA board!