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    Well this is a new one on me. In 32 years in the real world work force I've come across some doozies, but this little tantrum takes the cake and plate.

    I had no idea I've been under a microscope for months. Not much of a problem, I don't make many work mistakes, but I am human. I do however call if I'm going to be late, make sure everyone is aware if I'm going to be out of the office for any reason, let my employer know if I have a doctor appointment. weeks in advance, make sure all my work is done by days end, keep my office clean & organized, never steal, never borrow without permission - not even a pencil. I have most things in my office from my own home and have put my name ON them to avoid confusion (ran into that before on last job). I do check the board from time to time if my work is done. I stay late when needed without compensation constantly - and have never complained about a thing. I've taken on a lions share of work in the last three years without a raise - and been a big girl about it. I clean the bathrooms, order supplies and clean up after the men in the office who cant' even put toilet paper on a roll and who now can't throw the paper wrapper in the trash (no I'm not kidding)

    I see them - come in late....leave early - never call the boss. I see them take extended lunches, leave for lunch in a bad mood and come back in a GREAT mood after meeting their girlfriends for these extended lunches. Two and 1/2 hour lunches - MYOB. I never question the monthly lunch receipts but know they are not dining clients. Their fuel bills are questioned but NEVER reprimanded. Their sales for the most part do not match their expenditures but time and again I've mentioned it to the boss and finally just write out the report and make no mention as I'm told. It's the good old boy system. I don't try to hone in on their hunt club, but I've never been invited. I don't hang out in the yard when they are talking I leave them alone. I don't time them when they are yacking with their buddies who drop by or their girlfriends or sales reps who take them to lunch. And I've NEVER taken my pink circled list of their mistakes to the boss. Just to them - between us - once.

    However - a sales rep came in the office last week. We chatted about dogs, about her newly built house, about her 5ct. diamond, about her 2010 Mercedes, about her husbands construction business and his need for a service business like ours. We spoke for roughly 30 minutes. I don't have friends in the office, I don't chat on the phone, I don't go to lunch with anyone - ever. Never. I make up my time when I do use co. time also.

    But - Wednesday the boss walks past me and makes a big deal about me talking to the sales rep for ONE HOUR. WHAT? One what? Hour???? How in the world? He wasn't even there. Which means that there is a snitch. And now I know who it is. Then later that day after being in the ER all night with DF and getting about 3 hours sleep in 2 days - I made a typo on an address. I had put the invoice in the outbound mail. No one ever goes through that. The snitch did. He purused the invoices....found a mistake, brought it to me and I was very turse. I corrected it, sent him an email thanking him for correcting my mistake. HE sent MY email to the boss. OMG....WTH? Then the boss made mention that we really need to make sure our invoices are getting out correctly. I stated yes - he was right. THen looked directly at the snitch who only hours early had said "No big deal. Sounds like you had a rough night, it happens. Just glad we caught it." The big deal was that it was going to the customers street address and not his PO box - not a big deal really - but still - customer had asked for this bill to be sent to his PO box. Okay - I was wrong. Admittedly.

    Then there was the discussion with the snitch about the fact that he figured since he's been there a year - HE was now the office manager. Um....that's my title, if it changed shouldn't the Boss tell me? Then he said he was just filling out a vendor form (my job) and it was a question about employees in the company. He said "I'm kinda like a manager." I said "You're kinda like a salesperson." Then he said "Well I've been like a manager." and I said "Look, if you want the 'title' you're welcome to it. I'll take YOUR paycheck which is three times mine, and YOU can order office supplies, take ****, scrub both the bathrooms, and dump trash...oh and you'll probably get tired of putting the toilet paper roll on the holder, but that will pass with time. Big deal. You get to be my age, you realize titles are not much, money is more. You want the title - give me the money. Otherwise, you are a salesperson." I left his office, and he filled out the form and mailed it. (my job). I called the company and asked them for a copy. In the spot marked office manager (my job) he had written his name. So I whited it out, wrote in my name, copied it - sent back a corrected copy, attached a corrected copy to our paperwork and filed it, threw out his copy and filed that. :laugh: Big, fat, hairy deal.

    This is the one that the consultant said "No way does HE have the personality or ability to lead people, never, ever. He doesn't have the tolerance or temperment for it." Gosh - wonder why - little snitchy boy. So now I'm purusing the internet for a nice little sign for my office that has something to do with Jerk. And this is the same one that keeps coming in my office with 1/2 the information, 1/2 of the time and then tells the owner - "Shes kinda scattered." - REALLY? So I told the owner - "If I appear scattered in any way it's because I'm getting information from a scatterbrain." I said THAT in private. Then I gave an example of the 1/2 information I was given and expected to do a complete job. The owner told him HE couldn't do my job with the information I was given.

    I'm thinking this is highschool all over again....."I'll just step on your head to get to the top." mentality. One thing I can tell this little cat for sure. You don't come into a Leo's sand box and mess in it. I've been playing in MY sandbox for 10 years longer than he's been alive. I'm not sure I even want to "play", but if he wants to deal with an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), organizational-freak, micromanaging, anal, executive,dragon-lady, PMDD female - I can forget I had therapy and be his dream girl. ;)

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water......
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    gcvmom Here we go again!


    He clearly hasn't figured out just WHO you are in the year he's been there, has he?

    Sounds like he doesn't have enough to do in his current work assignment. Maybe that's his real issue, and maybe the boss needs to know that more than anything. You know what they say about idle hands...
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    Good point. So I have created an excel work chart for them. It tracks the date, point of sale, contact, amount of sale, time of estimate, phone number of contact, miles out, miles back, and amount of time they spent total (estimate travel, estimate, and putting estimate together) and since they don't like to fill out my boring forms but delight in sending emails? I put it in a fillable excel email format that can be sent to the boss each week.

    Yippee. That way the boss can pull up last weeks sales calls and follow up on the forecast vs. sales sold, find out why they have not closed the sale and call the customer if he wants to.

    Golly. And I'm also creating an IN/OUT board for all sales reps with little magnets and dry erase spots to write the name of the estimate they are going to - then will write those down daily and compare them to the sales report and verify them with phone numbers.

    I do have enough to do - but I can reorganize almost anything I need to do then consult with my girlfriends who have colored pencils and pie charts to figure out the best way to organize everyone ELSES's day. :tongue:
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    How lovely.

    Does the boss know that he has a new manager??? If not and this person keeps up the "I'm a manager now" routine, I would go to the boss one day and ask if there is anything he wants to tell you. When he gets confused and says no, tell him you were just wondering because employee D (for dumb @$%) informed you that HE is now the manager.

    Or...pick out the biggest, most complicated and annoying report or project you do and leave it on the "new" manager's desk with 1/2 the information needed to do it. :devil:

    Sic 'em Star!!!!
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    I'm so glad I work from home. I hate office politics.
  6. ThreeShadows

    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

    Of course, you realize this means war!

    From Latin For Dummies:

    Homo sapiens non in ventum urinat = A wise man does not urinate into the wind.

    Promoveatur ut amoveatur = Let him be promoted to get him out of the way. It's the Peter Principle, people rise to their level of incompetence.

    I'm sorry, *Stella*, life isn't fair. Remember how I asked you "what is reality?". Maybe that statement IS the only reality.

    Know that a multitude of us wise women cherish and value your counseling.
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Now on the bathroom wall -

    Homo sapiens non in ventum urinat

    ROFLMtoilet paper off......:tongue:

    OMG if this really WERE worth my time and is more annoying than anything really.

    And then a little bit ago I caught the snitch standing on the other side of the door LISTENING to a conversation in the office between myself and another co-worker. (about places to eat, but a name was mentioned of another co worker who had tried the place) I could see the shadow under the door so I tip-toed over to to door and slammed it open. It hit him in the head. Then I said "What were ya doin' with your head against the door?" then just shook my head like - you big dummy. NOW the other guy in the office BELIEVES me. :surprise: Then he told me he's worked with the snitch before and this is exactly how it started at the last place. OHHHH I see. (gosh thanks for the warning) :ashamed: and he's told the owner that this particular person has caused problems other places he's worked. I kept thinking HOW many places could he have worked to cause that many problems to get a reputation? He's 25 years old. :confused:

    I've spent the day in my office being VERY quiet. VERY VERY quiet. lol.
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    I think the only thing you can do is set him up to snitch about something that is absolutely untrue...and let him reveal himself as the idiot he truly is!

    It will have to be something really outrageous...yet believable...

    I'm sure everyone will help me think of something...

    Like, let it slip that you used to work for the CIA....and now your working there to "hide" after selling secrets to the terrorists or something


    Well come up with something!

  9. mstang67chic

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    I thought Star was in the witness protection program after making a mob snitch disappear and then decided to testify against the rest of them???

    On a serious note....I would do the warrior mom act at work. Document, document, document. Keep records and/or notes of EVERYTHING. Put them on your computer AND keep hard copies at work AND at home. Or somewhere safe where you know the snitch can't get to them. Anything the snitch tells you....document in triplicate. Password protect anything on your computer that the snitch may be interested and only give the passwords to your boss.

    I'm with you though....if this other guy KNEW this is how the snitch is....why didn't he say anything? :slap:
  10. klmno

    klmno Active Member sounds like your really need to watch your back. It's hard to tell what he'll do but it sounds like he's after your job.
  11. CrazyinVA

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    Those kids of people tend to eventually sabotage themselves. It IS frustrating to wait for that to happen, however. A little teensy-weensy setup is veeeery tempting :) Take your time, plot it out wisely.... and do share!
  12. susiestar

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    OMG! What kind of IDIOT is your boss? Do the sales reps EALLY generate the kind of money that would earn them that kind of latitude? Why the heck did he not stand the snitch on his head and shake him so hard his brain fell outta his pants along with the change and the microrecorder he used to tape you?

    You REALLY need to settle this fool's hash. Set him up, show it to the boss and the boss may fire YOU for "creating problems". The boss didn't fire the guy for being lazy. Or for having the personality the expert consultant said was a problem. You are not part of the old boys club so until you are gone the boss won't have a clue what you have done.

    I am furious on your behalf. Document, document, document, and take notes of everything this guy does. Every lame idea to "organize" you and your work that actually makes life harder should be documented and taken to the boss. Hopefully the boss will see this guy for the troublemaking fool that he is and get rid of him or at least let him know that his little games are not going to work.

    I just fear your boss is enough of an idiot to believe this guy after a while. Using the old "If it is said often enough and loud enough it must be true" rationale. So YOU need to get your documentation in to the boss regularly enough (and unbiased looking enough) that YOUR voice is heard more than snitchy boy's voice.

    It stinks but such is the politics of this game.

    I have total faith that you can run this boy off. For one thing, stop cleaning up after him. Tell the boss if he leaves a mess. If the mess is in his office just ignore it. The boss will wonder why he is so messy and disorganized.

    Lots of hugs to you.

    So, is df ok and what happened??? Have you recovered from no sleep for several days?
  13. DammitJanet

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    I worked for one of these in county govt and he was awful. Not only was he snitchy but he was a brown noser and back stabber too. Plus he outright lied and blamed his problems on everyone else. And cheated and used govt equipment for immoral activities.

    So what did supervisors do to him? Why promote him of course!
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    I'm furious FOR you too! I'm sure you're diabolical enough to come up with a way to set him up without being detected. He's that kind that if you give him enough rope ... And either your boss is a blithering idiot or this guy has some connection to him - distant relative, golf buddy - something. And if it were me, HADES would freeze over before I would clean up after him! It would stay there till it rotted and the buzzards were circling! And since when is cleaning up a bathroom after a bunch of slobby men used it one of the job duties of an office manager?

    I do know where you're coming from. We have one of those types too, and I have decided that in 2-1/2 years when I retire, on my very last day, the last thing I do before I leave will be to walk down the hall, go in to her office, and b***h-slap her right out of her chair! She's technically the highest ranking one in our dept. except for the boss, so she's the one who is 'acting boss' when we don't have one. She's mouthy, arrogant, bossy, power hungry, and doesn't know nearly as much as she thinks she does. Our last boss, a really sweet guy, only lasted a year and a half. And before he left, he confirmed my suspicions that she had bad-mouthed not only me but several others to him when he first started, and not only to him but to the two that came before him! New guy starts Monday! Ain't gonna happen again!!!!
  15. everywoman

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    This must be the month for dealing with ignorant, get one your nerves, paranoid, thinks they are God coworkers. Oh the stories I could tell---but I won't bore you to death. Suffice it to say, he won't be bothering me again!
  16. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I found peaceful solitude today in making him paranoid.

    I told you I spent the day in my office being VERY quiet. Then I cleaned out my desk drawers. Just old junk -stuff that needed to be done before the Fall Equinox ;), but I took stuff to my car, and re did my bulletin board...and cleaned...and dumped...and kept to myself and just kept my head down all day long. When anyone came to my door I just said "I'd love to talk but I haven't the time today."

    At the end of the day I handed him one paper to sign. I had done all the paperwork that he has been trying to fill out 'for me' and had it already copied, and in an envelope to mail. He said "This is how I like it." I said nothing. I put it in the envelope and handed him the folder. He looked it over and said "But it's all filled out." I said nothing. He said "So how is your day going?" I just nodded and kept busy. When he stepped towards my desk I turned over all my work and acted paranoid.

    O.M.G....that bothered him and he was dying to see what I was working on - I wrote on one small paper - NOSEY LITTLE BUGGER aren't you? And left the paper turned over and went to the warehouse and filled the soap dispenser. I no sooner turned the corner and I saw him going into my office so I came back in and stood in my office door and said "DID YOU NEED SOMETHING?" and he said "Oh I" and I left again." lol.

    I got it now....paranoia. lol :tongue: I'll be turning things over and hiding stuff all week. I can't wait until he thinks I'm Nope...just cleaning. haha. :surprise:
  17. mstang67chic

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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    He has absolutely no idea who he's messing with does he???

    I almost feel kind of sorry for him. ALMOST.

    Wonder if your boss is just sitting back waiting on YOU to take care of things? This way HE doesn't have to do anything AND he gets the entertainment of watching Warrior Star handle it. That's what I would do...with your permission of course. :tongue:
  18. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    Oh and the nosy note? I would have used a different word than bugger. :devil:
  19. donna723

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    The old scotch tape trick still works if you have one coming in to your office or going through your desk drawers. I caught the one three bosses ago with a little 2" piece of scotch tape! One end stuck to the bottom of the face of the drawer, the other end stuck to the face of the desk front. You can't see it unless you're practically under the desk(!), and they may not even notice it if they open the drawer, but if the tape has been pulled loose, you'll know immediately if it has been opened. Isn't it pitiful that I had to resort to something like that!

    My evil brain is just clicking away here trying to think of some creative use for the nasty black powder out of a copier cartridge! Some little something that will go "poof" if it's opened ... ;)
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  20. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I can't wait to find out how the next episode turns out... Doesn't he know? Stars are balls of fire -- and when you play with fire, well... he'll find out eventually.