"Compassion" response to your comment re: curfew

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by tracyf551, Jan 26, 2009.

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    My difficult child rarely if ever made curfew. Actually curfew was a joke to him. If he did he would wait until we were asleep nd sneak back out. He slept all day and ran all night and only got picked up for curfew 1 time and they only gave him a warning. I would do my midnight run to look for him. Sometimes I find him sometimes I wouldn't. I did everything I could to get him up in the morning but nothing would work. I couldn't be late for work and he knew I could only stay and yell for so long. I'd come home after work around 5pm and he'd still be asleep!!!!!!! He quit school when he was 17 (just stopped going-at 17 they can in PA) I had to deal with his odd hours because he was a minor, but when turned 18 that was it. When I would be leaving for work I told him he could get up and leave or I could call the police and say he was trespassing. Well only then did he get moving. So every morning from May 08 to August 08 i had him get up and head out the door when I left in the morning. Sometimes I'd find him over my lunch hour sleeping on our small back porch in a lawn chair. In August due to many other reasons I told him he must leave. Don't get me wrong he has been back a few times but he knows he is not allowed in our house when we are not at home.
    i stopped the little naps he wanted to stop by and take. if he could stay awake to do what he does he could also have a job. And he still cannot give me reason why he won't work. The last I knew he was staying with a friend, ironically this friend lives at home, won't work and his mother supports him.
    So I guess what I am trying to say is good luck. you have a long road until 18.
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    I completely understand. "When my son lived at home it was horrible. Especially when everyone went to work and school and no one what there but him. Hang tough.
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    Thanks, it inspires me and gives me strenth. I love what you did!!!
    I plan to take her cell tomorrw when she is at voleyball practice. She is back to partying. She will not got cash.I had her turn rock music off. (It is 10:30 AM) I will attempt to do academics with her. Then at 4 , I will do an at home AA meeting with her. Then tonight husband will attempt to do French and math with her and take her to AA.
    Just for today, I will not tolerate abuse from her. I ahve a cell phone and will call someone from Alanon.
    She id take her medications this morning (bipolar) so homping for a realatively peaceful day. She is out walking the dog. Comapssion