completely spastic post! you have been warned!

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    Car went into "limp mode" as I am taking the boys to school yesterday. ( I never knew a car could do that but apparently my anti lock brake system sensor went out on my car and I couldn't drive over 25 mph!!). It took almost 2 hours to get 45 miles. Not fun. (even the grannies were flippin me their tall finger)
    Dryer went out
    husband has started having seizures so he can not drive or work and we will have no answers until at least November. ( if our marriage survives this it will be a miracle! I need to miss him, not babysit him)
    The best brother a person could ever ask for got dumped by a Lil huzzy and I am not allowed to give her the kicking she so rightly deserves.
    Both pcs have soccer practice on the same night at the same time! Yea.
    difficult child chews when he gets nervous and broke a hole in his tooth that apparently became the perfect home for a cavity. So at 10 he needs a crown The specialist the dentist sent us to said it would be 5,500 up front and we could work out a payment plan after that. (oh how I wish I was joking). Our dentist will not touch him because he is worried difficult child won't be able to properly communicate pain and what not.

    However, on a surprising note, I was voted parent of the month for August. They gave a spill about how I was a mother of a special needs child and that I worked just as hard or harder then they do for difficult child's success.

    I called my mother cause I thought she would be proud and her response, "Heck they were only in school 2 weeks of August. Even you can't mess things up that fast".
    Gotta love it
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    Parent of the month by a school? Ha, keep it and bring it out during a tense IEP! (Just kidding that probably wouldn't go over well.)

    Good luck with all on your plate right now. I don't even bother with things like soccer for the easy child kids. I should, but I can't find the emotional energy.
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    I hear ya. When it rains, it POURS. Sending hugs, prayers, juju, and a giant umbrella until the rain stops. I've heard of "rain" dances but there are times there was such a thing as rain STOPPING dances. Will the nekkid chicken dance work????

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    bahahaha! You guys are awesome!