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    A quick post to share the strangest thing that happened with my office printer. Maybe you guys already know this, but I sure didn't. My printer quit yesterday morning as I printed a copy of an email I had received from a Board member.

    There was no paper jam. There should not have been a problem with the cartridge. I called the repair man. He came this morning and Guess What the problem was..:surprise:

    Attached to the email was a list of members for my review before doing a mailout about our event. The list was in the format that she will use for printing labels. :( My printer recognized that the format was for labels. My printer "looked" for label paper. My printer "knew" that it had normal
    paper. It shut down waiting for label paper.

    WTH! Is that like Twilight Zone or what? I still can't believe that. That means that I have to worry that someone might send me an attachment that is laid out wrong and I'll end up with another repair bill. Yikes! DDD
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    We know have equipment that is too smart for our own

    Seriously though, I dont know why it wouldnt just print for you anyway. When I made the labels for the board get together, I practiced on regular paper to get them right. I used label software too.
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    Weird that you didn't even get an error message about it! Very weird.
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    cue ROD SERLING - do do do do do do do do.......I DO BELIVE IN SPOOKS.....:ghost:
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