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  1. hes almost 7 last year i was told he had odd and he didnt do real good in school
    this year hes in 1st and in diff school, hes doin a lil better and i was told in feb he has add too now. waitin to get him on medications not sure if good idea but i guess if it will help, last 2 days hes been in real trouble at school and ever since dec hes been stealin any where we go so now i cant take him anywhere i wont let him i just wanted to know if anyone has any tips...
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    Hi Concerned Parent. Welcome.

    Who, exactly, determined that your son is odd/add? Many of us started, me included, with that diagnoses only to find that is only the tip of the iceberg.
  3. my caseworker at first said he had odd and then i ended takin him to the child pycholigist in town and he confirmed it and then said in feb that he has add based on what i have said and what his teacher this year says. last year in kindergarden my son was a bully he got suspended several times and almost got expelled. this year hes hit n punched n thrown kid down in snow but mainly its the stealin that is buggin me. i have talked to him and so have other ppl. i really dont to see my 6 yr old on house arrest or probatoin.