conditions under which a release of info can be revoked?


My son is almost 27 and is incarcerated for a lengthy term. Several months ago he was diagnosis'd with lupus, and spent several weeks in the hospital, trying to bring the symptoms under control. He has a very involved clinical history .. .. .. I posted here much more often in past years

Recently he was put in ad seg for several disciplinary infractions, but is also spending time in the infirmary for his own protection. The release of info that he just signed to do some sharing with me was rescinded by prison staff before the ink was even dry - because they are doubting his competency ~ therefore the ability to offer a legal signature

I question what I think is an arbitrary decision to revoke the r-o-i. Meanwhile the prison has moved forward with looking for a conservator for my son and mine was the first name to come up. The probate court is right on top of this and they called me this morning to set a meeting date

Have any of you had the experience of a release of information form being revoked by someone other than the patient???


the follow-up to this is that the state is seeking a conservator, & I am going to probate court next week to become that person


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My son is incarcerated also and what I found out is that the Dept of Corrections doesn't have to follow court orders, laws, etc - they do their own thing.

My advice - get a good lawyer familiar with doctor in your state. Best wishes.