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    so, yup yet again more issues sorry. husband and I cant' figure our way around this one. I said i'll ask my friends get their input.

    easy child. ok i called dr again today they can begin an evaluation on her today. yet today i meet with-the dr. than next week she meets with-them. so i said listen she needs some type of medication right now waiting a wk on a kid who says they dont' wanna be around anymore is risky business i want no part of.

    so the woman said to me well he'll meet with-you today and he'll probably tell you go to the e.r. with her. i said ok as opposed to starting an ssri today? i said i know her well, and if she begins a medication, is home, heading out with-me this weekend she'll begin to balance out. she's highly logical child this is not difficult child.

    if she knows helps is coming shell calm down. she's already calmed alot since being home with-us and no friends etc.

    so should I call the peds and still ask him to medicate her, incase they dont' fold and hand me a script today? this way both bases are covered? i need the pyschiatrist husband said just have peds handle it. i said listen he's ok to write the script yet ssri's can have odd side effects etc. i need a true pysch doctor to follow it with me with her. she isnt' difficult child who is 11 and i can watch 24/7.

    my gut is telling me go to evaluation today begin it and put call into peds to ask him and tell him situation and see if he'll write a script meanwhile. i'll tell pyschiatrist today this is what we are starting we can't wait till you sit with-her next week for 40 min.

    thoughts?? and no i'm not running her to e.r. that'll just worsen her i know her too well. if i can get an ssri into her. therapy begun immediately and keep her here she'll balance out in time. itll be hard yet she'll get there.
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    ok i solved my problem. if you guys wanna delete this you can!! :)
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    I don't know exactly what to tell you, except I'm very wary when it comes to SSRIs. Probably because all three of my kids have had bad reactions to SSRIS, and they don't have bipolar disorder either. They just have genetic makeups that make them vulnerable to strange medication reactions.

    We have an excellent pediatrician, one of the best in the entire Washington, Difficult Child, area. And he knows his limitations when it comes to his training. He refuses to prescribe any psychiatric medications. And I respect him for that.

    So if I were in your situation, I would not pressure a pediatrician to prescribe an SSRI. They aren't experts when it comes to mental health issues.

    You also don't know for a fact that your easy child won't have a bad reaction to an SSRI. She needs to be monitored very carefully once she starts one. That means weekly visits to a psychiatrist to make sure she's not having side effects. SSRIs don't carry a "black box" warning for no reason.

    I guess this is all my long way of saying that you shouldn't rush the process of having your easy child go through the proper channels of seeing a psychiatrist and getting medications the appropriate way. And if she truly is suicidal and you can't guarantee her safety, then maybe she does belong in the hospital or a day treatment program.
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    I can just say that my family doctor had no problem writing a script for prozac for my difficult child after he met with her.
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    i got the beginning of an evaluation for easy child today. we are leaving in a bit. i expressed to them again my concerns and wanting to start her on something a.s.a.p. I also called the peds....... he said if they dont' medicate today than call me back and i'll handle till next week when they get her in there for her own part of the evaluation.

    he also said i'm sure if you explain to them the situation they'll write the script. so ill find out in a bit. as far as hospital goes no she wont' be going to one. I'm making right choice with-that right now. i've seen an improvement just having her bubbled up here at home. i'm not confused on the hospital thing at all. we all know i will do what i gotta do when push comes to shove. even if i dont' want to :)

    so i am happy that we are going today. informed school also and been in contact with-them. gotta keep her up academically so she can graduate in june.

    the fun never ends.. and by the way difficult child is not very happy about the shift and focus between the two and has yes begun her my throat hurts i can't eat.