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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by night4now, Jun 30, 2008.

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    The title says it all! I am confused, and dont really know where to begin to get my step son an IEP. With my older boy, he had many of the autistic traits, along with ADHD traits, that made him easily qualify for an IEP. He lucked out and we got a really great Special Education teacher that got us into the Special Education program, and helped him immensely.
    For the second boy, I dont even know where to begin. He will be changing schools this fall, first off. When I go in and do his new student paperwork, do I jsut blurt out, 'not to be an alarmist, but my step son has very sadistic tendancies, and also can be a sexual predator at times'? Do I go for scare factor, or just try to be discreet? I dont even know where to begin!!! Help!
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    Is he moving to a new school within the same school district as attended the past school year?
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    Does he currently have an iep?

    Even if he is not in the special education system, I think a meeting with the teacher and admin. would be a good step. State past behaviors, interventions, and any additional services outside of school he is receiving. Outline strengths and needs. Be honest and hopefully they can be proactive and put a successful program in place.

    Good Luck