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    Hi, I've never spoken to anyone before, except my husband who says "he'll grow out of it". My 6 year old son is very confusing to me & difficult, which is becoming worse & worse. No conditions seem to fit. School have never voiced any concerns, in fact say he's wonderful & v.clever often joining the next class up. He has alot of friends and can be sensible, caring and "normal". The majority of time though he's argumentative with me and his dad, will blatantly ignore adults when they ask him questions in a general chat even though he's heard them, will answer back all, of which could be down to my parenting. But then he gets into these odd phases of repeatedly saying a made-up word in a high pitched voice, doing a really queer laugh & there is just no getting through to him when he's like it. As though he cannot stop doing what he's doing, he's just not "there". and if he gets something into his head that he wants to do even if he knows it will cause something to break it's as though he has a compulsion to do it. He has a massive appetite but never seems satisfied & constantly asks for food, even when he can see tea is cooking. I make sure he has a good diet, no additives, colourings etc & have had him food tested for intolerances which he has to soya, wheat, eggs & lentils. He has asthma & ezcema. & wets the bed about once every 3 weeks. He is very physical, playing football, cycling, etc all day, he cannot sit at the table for a full meal without getting up & is fidgety when watching tv/doing homework. Now I'm aware that other people are thinking that he's rude & ill-mannered & hyperactive but nothing we do (positive parenting, talks, strict disipline, diet control) appears to help. So all I can do now is ask for some help, please.
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    The first thing that comes to mind for me is to take him to both a neurologist for medical stuff and to a neuropsychologist for a complete evaluation of all disorders. I have no idea if I'm right, but he sounds a lot like a child on the high end of the autism spectrum, like an Asperger's child. The weirdness and compusive behavior and high pitched voices fit. I also wonder about Tourette's Syndrome or another genetic disorder. Any psychiatric disorders or substance abuse on the family tree? Did he have any speech or eye contact problems or trouble relating to his same age peers? Can he have a good give and take conversation?

    I'd take him to a neuropsychologist. He won't likely grow out of it without interventioins. Something is "off" and you know it so it's better to be safe than sorry.

    Ok, I just noticed you're not from the US. Where do you live? It's different to diagnose children in other countries. Maybe there is somebody here from where you live?
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    The fact that he cannot sit still and hyperactive is classic for ADHD. However, do have him evaluated by a child psychiatrist. Also a child psychotherapist regarding the rudeness may help too. Our therapist asked me to be firm and to be matter of fact, no non-sense without raising your voice. It is tough many times.
    Talk to his teacher and find out how he is with his peers, if he has any outbreaks in school.
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    I recommend speaking to a neurologist about seizures. Sometimes a sign of seizures is that 'not there' look.

    I would also get an appointment with a neuropsychologist for additional mental health evaluations.

    I am glad you are reaching out. Sitting back and doing nothing when you KNOW something is not right is not going to help your child. Even just learning about challenging behaviors that come with some disorders can help with the parenting aspect of things.