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    Finally got in contact with PO. Like I think I said in earlier post, husband had talked to him earlier...last Monday...and he had told him what Cory had done and PO said he would get in touch with us by no later than last Thursday which never I kept on husband to get in contact with him again. He finally called him back today. Of course, being the mousy husband that he is, he accepted the pass the buck junk that passes for government work these days. PO claimed that he had to get in touch with someone else to check on it. Ok...why hadnt he done that already we might ask?

    Anyway...I had decided I would swing by the PO building to see if he was even at work today and do this all myself to cut out the middle man (husband) and lo and behold...there stood PO! I parked and went up to him. I know I looked a fright but who I started in on the story and he told me he had just got off the phone with husband...well oh good. He then tells me he had talked to the someone else he needed to but that unless husband pressed charges we had to wait until Cory got out for Cory to go back and retrieve the gun. I told him I didnt think that was going to work because we tried to do that before Cory went in and told him why. I also told him that he had to remember that Cory was a convicted felon and that HE...the PO...had told Cory that he couldnt so much as touch a gun. Did he remember that? Uhhh...yeah. He also had to remember telling me that we could have the guns in my room...right...remember that? Yes...he did. Ok...same page now. Yep.

    Then I told him...Sean...I dont know if you realize this but I am not some average mother who is out to protect her baby boy at all costs. I am the one who pressed the charges that he is convicted you realize that Sean? He said no he didnt. you do. I explained all the years of mental health work that I had put into Cory and how I was now done. I told him...Sean...the ball is now in your court. I think he needs to be revoked. What he did was something that meets the conditions to revoke his probation but that is up to you. If it was me, I would revoke him. But let me make one thing perfectly clear...Cory is NOT coming back to my house to complete his probation. What you figure out to do with him to complete it is up to you but he is not coming to my house. I am so done! He has stolen from me for the last time.

    He seemed to look at me with a new respect in his eyes. Well either that or pity. Or he was damned afraid of
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    You go, girl.

    Any indication on what PO might do now that he knows the score?
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    Not a clue.

    Oh...tomorrow husband is supposed to take the pawn ticket down to the PO so he has proof that Cory had possession of the gun...and maybe somehow we can get the gun back that way...who knows. Like I said...we dont want to stiff the pawn shop even though everyone thinks they were idiots for not checking first. We are more than willing to pay them especially because we got that money out of Cory!

    Personally I would press charges but husband isnt up to that yet. I am running around town trying to throw Cory under all the buses but problem is we dont have any buses in this I guess I should probably stop trying to have Cory sent away for the next 25 years to life just because I am ticked off at him huh?
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    That's kinda a catch 22 there...if you don't get him put away, he may bug you when you the 30 days is up. Then again, he may not.

    Then again, he may bug you and get himself put away, too... no easy answers in your position, but you already know that.

    Its probably healthier for you if you can let it go, but I know how easy that isn't, sometimes, too.

    Maybe you can rent a tour bus and bring it thru your town.....:)
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    Ahhhh....I guess Mandy found a letter I wrote one night while I was ticked off and was venting. I wrote it to the PO but as if I was Tony but evidently she didnt realize that and she told Cory that I was going to send it to the He sent her a letter today and enclosed a lovely little letter to me. It is more of the same garbage I have heard time after time. This might almost move me if it wasnt the exact same stuff he has said every single time he is in trouble...Oh mommy, I love you, Im sorry, I will take medications...blah blah blah.

    And I quote:

    Mom, Hey this is me Cory. (Like hello, who else do I think it would be...duh!) Look, Mandy told me you wrote a letter and was planning on sending it to Sean. Look Im pleading with you PLEASE dont do it. I cant take it in here. Look I'll do what you want. I'll call Sean and tell him Im homeless if I have to when I get out I'll pack my **** I'll go get a tent and I'll leave just what eva you do dont talk to Sean. Im begging you. You know I love you and I had been doing good up till then and I just had a relapse. And I understand you want me to leave so I will do what you want and leave I promise. Momma I love you with all my heart and I know you wouldnt do anything to hurt me. When I get out I would like to start back on my medications cause I feel like they really would help. I am sorry for what I done. Please forgive me. Tell Daddy the same thing. Well Ill see yall sson. Lots of love. Cory.
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    Dear Cory,

    Too late.

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    Isn't that almost the same exact stuff Cory said the LAST time he was in jail?

    And, now that you have the PO up to date on your mom status, did you show him Cory's letter to Mandy?
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    :rofl: Heather Good one.

    I'm going to keep my fingers crossed now that PO knows the score, and that you won't allow Cory back at the house for any reason, they'll revolk him and let him serve some time. I doubt it'll be the whole thing. But at this point Cory needs to realize that he's not gonna slip between the cracks forever.

    Pawn shop can loose the money. That's the gamble they take. Most especially when so stupid not to check things out when they're supposed to.

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    Jump, Janet, jump!! Get off the merry-go-round now! You've been on the ride much too long. If Cory wants to make his life better, then let him do it. But, you need to be free of his drama and his endless bad choices.
  10. witzend

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    Well? Was ya?

    Maybe Cory could take some basic English classes while he is there...
  11. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member remember my dearly beloved son hasnt actually sat in a normal classroom since 5th grade. He spent all of 6th grade and half of 7th in a wilderness program, then the rest of 7th was in a self contained BED room. 8th and his first 9th grade year were also in a self contained BED room but he skipped 88 days his 8th grade year. 9th grade he was in and out on home bound for some reason while moving to different group homes and then he got in his second 9th grade school. He got kicked out of that when he was 15 and he didnt go back. So...high school drop out at 15.

    I do wonder if we have any sort of prison programs for the mentally ill...or halfway houses for them when they get out. I am really wondering if the PO is going to do anything. If he doesnt I am going to suggest that we transfer his probation to another state....maybe VA so Cory can move up near Jamie because there are some apartments up near him that he could afford on a bus line and if both he and Mandy work, they could live ok. It would be right next door to Jamies Mom in Law and Cory likes her. Maybe getting away from this area would do him good. All I know is he isnt coming here.
  12. witzend

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    It's a shame, Janet. He's clearly a very intelligent young man. What a waste that he has no real aspirations.
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    I agree with- Heather's letter. The letter from Cory is Blatant Manipulation 101. Surely he is up to a graduate degree in that, and can produce a better letter?? Send the letter to Sean and kick Mandy out while you are at it. Sorry the PO is wimping out. Do what YOU need to do.
  14. DammitJanet

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    I dont have the backing in the house to kick mandy out right now. Tony feels sorry for her. I just have to assume she will go on her own sooner or later if Cory doesnt come home...or if he gets out and cant come home. She really isnt a whole lot of trouble anyway. We hardly see her.

    No point in taking the letter to sean. Its not going to make a difference at all. All he wants is the pawn ticket.
  15. witzend

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    Where's Mandy at that you hardly see her? You're probably right about the letter.
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    I don't know what to say. But wanted to lend my support.
  17. Stella Johnson

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    I think I must have missed a post. So Cory is in jail... is it related to stealing his dad's gun or something else?

    I agree. He can't come home. He has done this too many times. It is time for him to be on his own. Hopefully it will help him grow up.

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    Ya know, with the way things are going, you might just get to have a life. Cory's not coming home. Odds are if he gets out Mandy will be moving in with him and if he doesn't, she'll either get sick of being there (hope you have some set rules for her living there) or Tony will get sick of her. Keyana will be visiting less (I know this hurts but you deserve to be a grandmother, not a full-time babysitter and there is a difference).

    I agree that it seems that by now Cory would have the spiel down better. Maybe you could write him back and say this worked when he was 13, ain't gonna work now.

    For now, though, I'm sorry you're still going through all of this garbage. You don't deserve it. HUGS
  19. Star*

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    Dear Board Sister,

    Today a spring when kaboing in your brain and you released your kid to the world. I had a meeting today with the people that help Dude and let them know EXACTLY what I thought of IEP's, TSP's, ABC's, and their defeatist attitudes and works. I was mid rant on everyone - when the rubber band in my brain snapped the side of my head and I literally stopped mid rant, dug in my purse, handed Dude the card to contact his Probation Officer and said " your PO." then looked at the foster dad and said "IT's impearative he CALL long distance whether you have it or not and make an appointment with this woman." - then said "I'm so angry with you Dude - I took my savings to bail you out and all you can do is sit there feeling sorry for yourself and all the people in this room want to HELP you - and you cant' help yourself.....yet it is okay for me to work 2 jobs to recoup my losses and now you sit and cry because you are $500 behind and you're going to jail because you can't come to my house and work, and you can't do chores.....and YUP THAT IS WHERE YOU WILL GO.....SO GO. I used to think maybe I expected too much out of you and NOW I realize that expecting ANYTHING out of you was TOO MUCH. OH (looking at foster care people) HE IS ABSOLUTELY NOT COMING BACK TO MY HOME TO LIVE EVER EVER....I HAVE HAD ENOUGH AND THEN SOME."

    And with that I picked up my copy of the last TSP from 2005 *right on the ball there huh?, my complimentary cup of coffee.......grabbed my pocket book and I left.

    Oh and in the middle of all the "discussion" I told Dude POOTIE needed food and he said AND I QUOTE "I DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT THAT DOG ANYMORE - YOU CAN HAVE HER."


    AND I'm going to work - but I SWEAR for .25 I'd go to a bar and get twisted three ways to next week.



    (tomorrow maybe some Midol) BUT TODAY - NADA......:mad:
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    Star....want to meet halfway and get plastered? LOL. Maybe we could split the cost of a motel six and really tie one on. I think we certainly deserve it.