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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Farmwife, Jul 30, 2010.

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  1. Farmwife

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    Finally have IEP in the works. Last meeting went well. Just going over paperwork before signing and had a concern. Since this is our first IEP I wanted to get some feedback.

    At the meeting we all agreed on what the IEP would cover. The person who typed the form is generally helpful so I do not sense any funny business. However, the admin. is very shady so I want to protect ourselves legally.

    The wording for it feels very vague to me and in many ways puts the ball all in difficult child's court. While I realize they are HIS goals I am not seeing much in the way of what the school must provide. Since it is a legal document I want to make sure it is right before signing. For example if it says difficult child will do such and such and he doesn't thereby not meeting his goal I can't exactly go to court over it.

    I see a lot of expectations for difficult child but very minimal detail about how they intend to get him there ie: the things we agreed upon in the meeting. Meeting with a specific teacher mentor to check in and check out everyday in order to keep track of his moods and progress turned into------will check in with staff/teacher/counselor to monitor progress.

    As a parent who has had to fight tooth and nail to get an IEP I see a lot of wiggle room and opportunity for what was discussed in the meeting to get whittled down to the bare minimum or forgotten altogether. I can see the admin. using the vague wording as an out.

    What do you guys think? How and where are school obligations/responsibilites accounted for?
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  2. LittleDudesMom

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    Sorry I'm late on this, hope you haven't signed it yet.

    The best advice I can give parents on the prospective IEP is to make sure it contents SPECIFICS. If they are expecting a goal from difficult child, the quality IEP should include the supports in place to get him there. If during the meeting the team indicated that a mentor and difficult child should check in together everyday, then that person (or persons) should be specifically listed in the IEP and the purpose for this "checking in" should be listed. Indications should be given for what will happen if that teacher/mentor is not available...what is the plan if that teacher is out ill for several days - who is the sub person?

    The IEP once our kids reach high school usually has more self modulating content because truly, that is a goal in of itself. We need our kids to step up to the plate because that is what real life will be like. However, if a student needs supports, mods, accoms, etc., those are guaranteed but you have to make sure this IEP is really clear. There should be no goals without how they will be achieved. Go back and look at your notes. Look at the specific things about the potential IEP that you felt were really supportive. If they are not specific or not listed at all, you need to contact the chair of the team and have a meeting. Let him/her know that you have some concerns that what was discussed at the meeting didn't translate into specifics in the IEP. You need to meet with them asap. Type up all your notes and questions prior to going in. Ask that your notes be attached to the IEP as "Parent Input". That way you are on record.

    Good luck.

  3. JJJ

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    The goals are usually written that way as the IEP is showing what the child is suppose to accomplish. All services and other supports that are suppose to be in place need to be listed in the IEP to be enforceable. Each goal should have a staff person assigned to provide the support/instruction. Generally, this is listed by position and not name (ie. Special Education teacher, not Mrs. Smith). There should be one page that lists all of the services by minutes per week:

    Special Education Classroom 850mpw
    Speech-Language 30mpw direct 10mpw consult
    Social Work 30mpw individual 30mpw group

    There should also be a page that lists accommodations that are being provided:

    Check in/check out daily (organizational and social/emotional check)
    Extended time on tests
    Homework modified (length, directions)

    Each state is different but this info should be somewhere in the IEP.
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