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    I took my test yesterday for Hazmat and Tankers endorsement for my CDL class A license. If I could find a school bus, I could get a passenger endorsement. Then all I will need in the future is Doubles and Triples (like the mail and UPS drives when you see the smaller trailers coupled together) but they are harder to drive and require a year or so of practice.

    Amazingly? I passed both first try. Now if I can just get through the TSA, Interpol, background check, get fingerprinted and go get my license picture taken - AGAIN...(i hate that) I'll be make more as a driver.

    I'm about crosseyed from studying about hazardous chemicals and what you can load with what. Did you know that cotton in certain amounts is hazardous because it can become flammable?
    Yup......just the other day I was thinking about setting DF's shorts on fire to get him to move faster on home repairs.
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    Congratulations!!! I am sure the hard work will pay off for you!!! I hope you enjoy driving a truck. Do you have to load and unload them all by yourself? I always wondered about that.

    I used to know a woman who had a lot of friends who drove trucks. She would have five gallon buckets of shampoo, conditioner, etc... Said that often she got them from her trucker friends who drove for companies like P&G - and it was left in the truck after the tanker was emptied. They would save what they could before they rinsed out the tanks rather than send it down the drain. This friend was given it a lot of times because she had 9 kids, babysat a bunch of others and was the neighborhood hangout for kids in her area. It was great quality stuff - most often pantene brand. Though she also got dawn that way.

    I always wondered if it was really what was left in the tank or if they pulled it off before they delivered the load. Either way, just something I was curious about.

    Anyway, I hope the clearances come easily. Even more, I hope you LOVE working as a trucker!!!!! And that it pays very well!!!!!
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    I thought she should probably get "Smokey and the Bandit" for inspiration, lol!! Anyone want a Coors?
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    Hey, if you ever get a chance to drive a load out to OK, let me know - esp if you are comign through Cincy in a freezer truck!! I would have you pick up Graeter's ice cream and bittersweet sauce and some skyline chili mix for me!!! I cannot get them here except for paying outrageous prices ($80 for 6 pints of ice cream - OUCH!)
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    I work in the Freight office and have some certification in hazmat... YOU AIN'T KIDDIN' GIRL!

    It's always fun when someone wants to ship explosives and jet fuel together... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It has happened.

    And actually, some hazmat can be sent via FedEx or UPS, other stuff must go commercial carrier/ground, and every so often something will strike you as odd. WHAT, fire extinguishers cannot go via air? Oxygen cannot go via air to Turkey? Kid you not.
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    HOLY COW! That's outrageous! Not sure what bittersweet sauce is, but Skyline stuff is everywhere here. (Though I still have not figured out why anyone would eat chili on spaghetti.)
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    Doesn't surprise me, those are pressurized containers and cargo planes (unlike passenger planes) are not pressurized outside the cockpit. BOOM! The luggage area of most (if not all) passenger planes is also not pressurized.
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    Hey Dads truck - think tiny little Toyota- has a CB radio in it! When you start driving and get anywhere close to me, we can chat! LOL. I almost died laughing when I sat in the cab and saw he still had the radio in the truck. I remember when he bought the thing years and years ago. I had no idea he still had it. Billy actually remembered his handle.
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    I come from a family of truckers. Huge congrats!

    Bro has been out of work for several months...........then it dawns on him he can drive for the painters union, which he has been a member of for the past 15 yrs. lol And he can made darn good money doing it.

    Both bro's have owned their trucks. Actually youngest bro used to own a trucking company and was doing wonderfully until the sudden dip in the economy wiped him out. Both say as just truckers.........not such a hot idea to own your own truck as you're responsible for all repairs maintenance ect. Me? I don't have a clue. I used to ride in the cab and decided I wasn't born an octopus for a reason. :rofl:
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    Step, what Cincinnatians call chili is a different dish than what most of the rest of the country calls chili. If you can approach it with the attitude that it is something different, like pasta with alfredo and pasta with marinara are different, you may find you really enjoy cincinnati chili. It really is good, it just is not what everyone else calls chili.

    I remember the first time I had chili in a restaurant outside of Cinci. Talk about blowing someone's mind!!!

    If you haven't tried it and want to get used to the flavor before you try it on spaghetti, go get a can of Skyline chili at Krogers. In a glass pie pan, or microwave safe casserole dish about 8 or 9 inches around, put one 8 oz package of cream cheese. Microwave it for one minute and spread over the bottom of the dish. If it won't spread easily then give in 30-60 seconds more in in the microwave. After it is spread evenly, pour the can of Cincinnati chili on top of the cream cheese. Microwave this for 3-4 minutes. Then dump at least 8 oz of grated mild cheddar cheese over the chili and microwave for about 2 minutes - until the cheese is all melted.

    Serve this with taco chips. It is AWESOME!!! The first time I saw it I thought it was gross looking and sounding, but it tasted AMAZING!!!!!! My kids will happily eat this for dinner - they grump when I insist they have a salad with it and plain fresh fruit for dessert afterwards, but they scarf the dip!! They quit fussing about the salad and fruit but stopped when I told them the alternatives were never having it again or having me stir mixed vegetables into the dip. (My kids will eat almost ANYTHING if it is "instead" of mixed vegetables, lol).

    We don't have Kroger here and I miss them a TON. The grocery stores here just are NOT the same. How come OK doesn't have Krogers????? I have seen the mix for cinci chili in Krogers in many other states, but we cannot get it here. Not in stores anyway.

    I can order the chili mix online at okay prices, but not Graeters. I just learned that Krogers in some TX stores now sells Graeters ice Cream!!! Did you know that Graeter's Ice Cream is the only company that uses the french pot method of making ice cream? It makes a product with MUCH less air in it. If you are in TX and see pints of ice cream in white pints with pink letters - TRY THEM ALL!!! This is the BEST ICE CREAM IN THE UNITED STATES!!!

    Their flavors with chips have giant chips in them. They don't use chocolate chips. They use a super high quality chocolate and break it into random size pieces. They used to make the chips flavors by pouring melted chocolate into the almost frozen ice cream as it is mixing. I read that they had to stop this because some change in machinery. So they started pouring the chocolate onto big sheets and breaking those up to get basically the same sizes and shapes. It has been a long time since I heard this - the guy who told me this worked in their factory - so it might have changed.

    Their mocha chocolate chip ice cream is to die for - the best you will EVER have. Their sorbets are incredible. They also make their own sundae toppings. The best one?? Bittersweet sauce.

    It is liquid black gold. They combine cream and bittersweet chocolate and it is thick and rich and intense and is just the best chocolate sauce I have ever found. I have tried just about every single chocolate sauce I have ever heard of (except sugar free because I am allergic to them) and not a single one of them is as good as this one.

    Star, THAT is what Graeter's bittersweet sauce is. Liquid black gold in a jar. It is also being sold at the Kroger's in TX that sell Graeter's ice cream.
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    If you have ever been to Chi-Chi's "Mexican" restaurant... yes, it's good. As long as you don't pretend it's Mexican.

    Skyline, on the other hand - I've had it - I've pretended it isn't chili - I've tried. husband and Onyxx LOVE the stuff. I can't stand it. Even on a hot dog (Gold Star coneys, either). It's sweet, for one thing.

    And I LOVE chili dogs...

    I am going to see what I can find out about Graeter's. by the way - I lived in Tulsa with XH - I hated not being able to "go Krogering". Reasor's was OK, but...
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    $2000 is NOT good money to drive nitro across dirt access roads! - perhaps in the 1950's.......and sadly Nitro can't be driven in a semi anymore. I'm not sure HOW they do it - but the book said FORBIDDEN. ( I do remember an episode of Bonanza where Hoss Cartwright drove a buckboard wagon full of bottles of nitroglycerine) but that was just crazy!

    Thanks 3shadows. (((((KABOOM)))
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    Oh and which fire extinguisher can't be shipped by air? I'm just guessing here but.....ABC - are all covered and all contain a small amount of gas in each and would have to be packed and kept separate - so D - the ones they use to put out combustable metals? I dunno there are so many kinds of fire extinguishers. Interesting. VERY interesting!
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    I never saw a Kroger's before I moved up here. I was used to Publix, Winn-Dixie, Alberstons...