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    I'm going to bake a batch of Xmas cookies to give to clients and friends. they fit the budget and seem be to appreciated. Some I will do the lazy way -- sugar cookies via Krusteaz; chocolate chip from the slice and bake variety. Some by scratch -- rugallah, cinnamon balls, Andes chocolate mint (yummmmmmmmm). Anyway, I need some more reciipes, especially Christmas type. Any suggestions, great recipes? HELP!!! and thanks!
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    Well, could stop by my store tomorrow. I am demoing those huge jugs of cookie dough that you just scoop and cook. Sounds like a quick way to me! I actually tasted them and you'd never know the difference.

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    Go to - they have TONS of recipes that are fabulous.

    If you have a specific type of cookie, I can problem find a recipe. but we are pretty basic cookie eaters here. Though I do ahve a recipe for the pepperidge farm gingerbread men cookies. And it is AWESOME. (I have the Top Secret REcipe cookbooks, so I can pm you any of those.) You might also check our recipe archives.


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    I wish I could find it now, but last year when all the Christms emails were going around, someone sent me a thing with literally hundreds of cookie recipes on it. Best I remember it was some kind of picture made up of names of different kinds of cookie - when you click on the name, the recipe appears. I must have deleted it, but I forwarded it to a friend who uses it all the time. I'll ask her Monday if she still has the link. I have another one with all kinds of cake recipes, but the one with the cookies has disappeared into cyberspace.

    You could always try my all-time favorite cookie recipe, the one people rave over and snarf up like there's no tomorrow. They're not pretty and they're not Christmasy at all but they're sooooo good! Just get the ingredients for any good peanut butter cookie recipe and a bagful of the smallest snack-size Reeses Peanut Butter cups - they're a little over an inch wide. Try to make the cookies all about the same size. Bake one sheetful of cookies, take them out and let them cool. These are the 'lids'. Put in a second pan of cookies and let them bake ... but take them out two minutes before the end of the baking time. Carefully turn each cookie over with a spatula, then top each one with an unwrapped p'butter cup. Put them back in the oven and bake the last two minutes. This partially melts the chocolate and softens the candy. After two minutes, take them out and let them sit just a minute or two (not long enough for the chocolate to harden again), then top each cookie with one of the cooled 'lids' - if you press gently and twist it a little, the chocolate will smoosh out to the edges. You end up with a peanut butter sandwich cookie with chocolate and p'butter in the middle! These are so good ... every year people at work ask me if I'm going to make them again, and I have to make a batch for my sister in law every year and send them to him in South Carolina!

    Even better if you use chunky peanut butter!
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    In the December Real Simple they have 4 simple make ahead Christmas cookies. You can freeze them and then bake!
    I have done a couple already... the girls loved them!
    I am not sure of they are online I will check but if any of them look good I can write up the recipe.
    *Raspberry Pinwheels- really good, they are rolled up and sliced!
    *Pecan Snowballs- haven't made yet, but they look good!
    *Ginger Chocolate Chip Bars- These sound good and different.
    *Glazed Lemon Cookies- These were really good! The girls helped me make these.

    They are all very easy and can be frozen for months.
  6. totoro

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    I also bake a ton of the Cooking Light Christmas cookies.